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The iCrutch

By Vkalusin Mar 31, 2014 602 Words
 The iCrutch A smart phone is a crutch for people to use in social situations. It is a way for people to communicate to each other without actually having social skills. It is a way people can stay connected, but too much connection to society can have negative and positive effects on people. Complete contact with society gives people no time for themselves and never any time to de-connect. The relationship between a person and their smart phone is too tight. The connection to the smart phone is not the people they are communicating with; it is the attachment they feel to the phone. 

In the beginning phones were used to get in touch with a person when in need. Today that has changed drastically. The social manner of phone use has changed. If someone didn't answer their phone years ago that simply meant they weren't home. Today it is automatically assumed that if an individual hasn't picked up their phone, he or she is ignoring you, giving no personal boundaries between people. Today everyone is connected all the time. People have no time for themselves and no time to de-connect from society. It seems as though humans forgot how to take some time off and actually relax.

Today, it appears to me like people don't exactly know how to do many things on their own. Getting from one place to another needs to be looked up on maps, because people cannot use their own sense of direction. Instead of calculating something simple in their head, they use the calculator that is conveniently in their pocket. Instead of enjoying the moment people are in, they are constantly taking pictures to show their friends, or put up on a social network. All of these things can be good and handy, but only in moderation. Albert Einstein said, "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots". With everything going on today, it feels like people just might soon get to the point where they cannot do anything for themselves, becoming completely dysfunctional.

If our society continuous so much communication over text messages it will be unimaginable to keep up with actual face-to-face conversations. People rather use their phone to communicate then talk to people in person. Even when people are having a conversation with someone in person they still hold their phone, put it on the table, or text, during the conversation. It's the idea of knowing your phone is right there in your front pocket. People feel secure knowing their phone is with them, they are completely dependent on technology. It's almost sad how even parents have to use cell phones to keep in contact with their children, even when they're home. A parent often rather text their child asking what they want for dinner, instead of actually going to their room and asking in person. It is very unfortunate that people abuse the power of a smart phone, taking the beauty out of technology.

Living in the twenty first century means living with the greatest and latest technology. Smart phones can cost an incredible amount of money, yet it is not usually questioned, because a smart phone is viewed as a necessity. The smart phone makes it difficult for people to have personal space. If technology continues effecting people and their life so drastically, it will very possibly soon breed a generation of people that will not know how to do much for themselves, otherwise becoming idiots. Abusing the smart phones is detrimental to people and to the evolution of society.

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