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Topics: Record label, ITunes, Digital rights management Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: April 23, 2015
1. What industry conditions led to the revolution in audio distribution described in the case? Which stakeholders stand to benefit most and least from this revolution? The start of digital revolution has completely transformed the phase of audio distribution. The digitalized version of CDs known as the MP3, hit the market. This allowed the customers to purchase and download the music on their computers. This way the music lovers were no more compelled to go to the music stores. The software developers found new ways to promote MP3 music by introducing music sharing apps, like Napster. Customers could now download free music and share it with their friends. The most beneficial by this digitalization is the IT developers who brought in the cult, which changed the phase music distribution. They earned a fortune with these applications and the music costumers who had the personal computers with Internet access were also hugely beneficial by this. But this digital tide hit the CD stores and their distributors who ran out of business.  2. Why did the music stores created by the record labels fail to attract many subscribers? What, if anything, should the record labels have done differently? The stores commenced by the record labels lacked the freedom of digital music. These stores used proprietary file format, which was not compatible with other software formats. Moreover, these stores were being attacked by the peer-to-peer services, which enabled the customers to select or search for music of their choice. Napster was one such software, which left the record labels in jeopardy. Hence, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) took legal action against Napster for illegal sharing of music. Instead of being alarmed by the digital revolution, the music stores could have adapted the trend in the industry, like changing the music format into MP3. They could have also come to an agreement with the software companies like the Apple, Microsoft etc. to promote...
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