Teamwork And Communication

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Teamwork and Communication
October 13, 2014

Teamwork and Communication
Effective communication is one of the necessary components to the success of an organization. When working on a team, there are many personality types, different thought processes and ways to handle things, so effective communication is important here as well. When working on an effective team, everyone needs to know what is expected of them, both individually and the team as a whole. If everyone on the team is not focused on the ultimate goal, the team will fall short and not accomplish their goals. Communication is one of the crucial components of what helps to make any team or organization run effectively and efficiently. Being able to communicate effectively will help to ensure that employees or members of a team are on the same page, helping to prevent errors from occurring when assigned tasks are being completed. The video demonstrates the importance of communication by outlining the effects of verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as how to use communication when issues arise amongst team members. Failure to communicate within an organization will have detrimental effects on its productivity, success, and will ultimately resort in a communication breakdown. Communication is very important and absolutely necessary for any company to function correctly. Everyone has to do his or her part in order to accomplish the task at hand. People exchange information in different ways verbally, nonverbally and visually. In the restaurant business written communication is very important. Since it is a fast pace business you do not always have time to have verbal communications so you must rely on written. For example in a restaurant if you do not write the orders down you are more likely to get them incorrect. Conflict arises in every business. In order to work through different issues you need to communicate effectively to work well together. Communication is vital...
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