Team Effectiveness Model

Topics: The Culture, Performance, Affect Pages: 4 (1359 words) Published: October 23, 2011
a)AZKALS – In terms of the External Conditions impose to the group, they already passed the hard part of organizing the team. With the Economy of the Philippines, forming a sports team requires a lot of factors. Azkals have somewhat proved their capability amongst the External conditions. They have all the resources and support from investors and other private companies which then helped them in organizing a management that will help them in creating formal regulations. With their standing they have all the rewards they need, added to that are the commercials breaks given to them. The Government also supports the team, giving them a good physical work setting, where they can have their practice. But with overall strategy, it is not in full condition because of the organizational culture. They have all the support, financially and morally but within the group, cultural gap causes the implementation of an effective strategy. Most of the players are Half Filipinos and they have only lived here for a while, and the culture they got to used to in the country where they used to live is entirely different. We all know how a Filipino behaves and it’s really different with English man. These cause Confusion, misunderstanding within the group. Filipinos to the Half-Filipinos, they tend to group themselves according to those who can speak the language, understand the culture, creating a gap. These will then limit the potential of the team. These cultural gaps will affect the Group structure. Because of cultural differences, norms will be affected. They can’t create a norm as long as the confusion is there. In the team, some of them are to open while others believe in concentration. Others tend to accept and accept commercial breaks which then create an issue to the others that they should be concentrating more on practicing. They still have to adjust in terms of behavior. With these, there’s no cohesiveness. They Lack full practice within the group before each game...
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