Ensure Team effectiveness

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Ensuring Team Effectiveness

Fictional Motors

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1) Organisation
2) Organisational goals
3) Team purpose
4) Team responsibilities
5) Team goals
6) Team plans
7) Team objectives
8) Performance plan
9) Establish expected outcomes
10) Establish expected outputs
11) Key performance indicators
12) Goals for work team
13) Support team
14) Strategies to achieve team cohesion
15) Develop policies
16) Provide feedback
17) Develop processes
18) Conclusion

The organisations business is the sale, service and repair of automotive vehicles
to customers and potential customers to meet a consumer need.

This organisation is a car dealership that also has a service department. The goals of the service department are to satisfy client requests and concerns about their vehicles . Another goal of the service department is to facilitate sales for the sales department.

The main goal to ensure client satisfaction. There are other goals which are to increase revenue and increase the number of cars sold each month. To achieve these the company has to increase efficiency and productivity.

There is one organisation made up of many different teams. There is the management team, office team, sales, spare parts and service. Each one of the teams is further broken down into smaller teams, There is a dealer principal, office manager,service manager, sales manager, spare parts manager, and an internal service manager.

The purpose of the service team is to satisfy customer requirements for their vehicles. Each member of the team has a role and responsibilities. The service team has three components to is. The service manager, service advisors, and technicians. The service manager is responsible for the whole team and is accountable to the dealer principal. Each member of the team is accountable to the service manager.

The service advisors are on the front-line and deal face to face with clients. The advisors ascertain the clients needs and book in the cars and talk to clients about their requirements and note the details on the repair orders. The repair orders go to the workshop controller who assigns them to the technicians.

The technicians are responsible for the work that they do and check the cars over for required items. The required items are then quoted and the quotes go to the workshop controller who gives them back to the service advisors so they can liaise with the clients about their vehicles. The technicians must do their jobs in the allocated or less time given for their tasks, that will increase efficiency which will in turn raise revenue which will achieve a stated goal of the company.

To increase the productivity, the service advisors have to book in more work. If there is more work and the efficiency increases, then there will be more productivity, which will in turn lead to more revenue which is another goal of the company. The service advisors need to obtain all the relevant details about each clients concerns, which will lead to increased efficiency as technicians will not be wasting time trying to diagnose faults or concerns that the customer is concerned with. That will also increase efficiency.

The performance plans to establish expected outcomes are different for each member of the team, just as the expected outcomes are different for each individual.

Service advisors go to weekly team meetings with the service manager, dealer principal, workshop foreman, and workshop controller. These meetings are held to determine if client satisfaction and requests are being met in a timely and efficient manner. If not then what needs to be done to address the issues, that is why the foreman and workshop controller are also involved in these meetings. Training classes are also held occasionally for service advisors to facilitate client service and development....
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