Teaching Physical Education in Nepals' Public Schools

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1.1Background of the Study

Education, in simple words, is the process of development of personality to its maximum potentials. In a narrow sense, education is acquisition of knowledge and development of abilities and skills. But in a wider sense, education includes all aspects and elements of personality. Those aspects and elements of personality development is the ultimate aim of education. Education from social and political aspects is a means of imparting knowledge, abilities, skills, etc by one generation to the next. It is through education that human society has developed to the present level of political, cultural and economical advancement.

As an integral part of the educational process, physical education has its own aims. One can easily see that physical education with its emphasis on building a physically, emotionally, mentally and socially fit citizens, definitely plays an important role in modern day education. The mind and body represent a unity in man. One gives strength to other, one support the others and both functions harmoniously in the educated and whole person.

The term "physical education" takes on a new meaning after a consideration of the word "education." The word "physical" refers to the body. It is often used in reference to various bodily characteristics such as physical strength, physical development, physical prowess, physical health, and physical appearance. It refers to the body as contrasted to the mind. Therefore, when add the word "education" to the word "physical" and use the combined word "physical education" we are referring to the process of education which goes on when we are concerned with activities which develop and maintain the human body. When an individual is playing a game, swimming, marching, working out on the parallel bars or performing in any one gamut of physical education activities which aid in the development and maintenance of his body, education is taking place at the same time. About the physical education, Bucher (2008) stated that:

Physical education is a very important part of the educational process.
It is not a "frill or an ornament" which has been tacked on to the
school program as means of keeping children busy. It is, instead, a
vital part of education. Through a well directed physical education
program, children develop skills for worthy use of leisure time, engage
with activities which are conducive to healthful living, develop
socially, and contribute to their physical and mental health. (p. 34)

It is well known fact that physical education is the education system based on practical activities. It means physical education gives education or makes one skillful and genius by using physical activities. To give education through activities is an old and famous system in the field of education. (Baruwal, 2008 as cited in Sharma Prakash,2012)

Physical education is an integral part of general education process. It plays significant role to develop the wholesome personality of the students. It is always directed toward producing desirable change in the total behaviour of an individual. Physical education runs its programs through the medium of physical activities and sports. Physical education plays inevitable role to prepare well mannered, dutiful, disciplined, civilized and well cultured individual because physical education is such a subject which provides the basis for sound health of the individual and helps to maintain physical, mental, social and emotional development of an individual. Physical education not only develops the capacity of an individual to adjust with different environment but also teach the lesson to lead the society toward positive way. An individual possesses physical, mental, emotional and sound health develops the feeling or co-ordination becomes capable of self adjusting which contribute to the necessities for the production of healthy men power that a requirement of...
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