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Personal Fitness

By twood321 Nov 18, 2008 416 Words
“In light of the editorial in the April 2007 issue, what if any standards for personal fitness, Motor skill competence, and content knowledge should PETE programs establish and enforce for future teachers”?

This article describes if physical fitness should be a criteria for admission into the physical education teacher education (PETE) program. In this article it describes how a professor in Nigeria was impressed with the physical fitness requirements that were needed for admittance into the (PETE) program. The professor taught at two universities and was amazed at how fit the students looked and how well their motor skills were developed, which was obtained through the student’s course work.

Having standards for the physical education teacher program should develop better and more prepared professional in the kinesiology field. Physical educational professionals should be demonstrating and a model of what they teach. Physical educators should value wellness and fitness and continue to do so throughout their respected careers. One professor suggests that the lack of skill and in depth activity content knowledge is a major problem in (PETE) programs and for the future of the physical education profession. There are two major factors that can be credited to this dilemma. The first factor is being an increase emphasis in major curriculums on classroom oriented theory and models at the expense of quality activity and the second factor is the lack of both tactile expertise and skills in many teachers. There is a wide variety of areas that physical educators should have knowledge of which includes the fundamental motor skills, individual and dual activities, team sports, aquatics, gymnastics, and educational dance. These skills are an essential part of the preparation of a physical educator. Every student that is studying to be a physical educator should be able to walk the walk not just talk the talk in other words be a role model for their students.

It also describes the problems that every major is expected to equally competent in all activities. A lot of schools and universities have to revamp their programs to fit the physical educator’s knowledge of the each activity that will be taught to the students. The changes would prepare fit and skilled teachers who, in turn, would increase the quality of programs, resulting in more fit and skilled students. This should be included in the (PETE) program.

The future physical educator’s role includes influencing students to love physical activity and to stay active though out their own life.

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