understanding the national curriculum

Topics: Education Reform Act 1988, Primary education, Key Stage Pages: 6 (1378 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Task 2 – Understanding the National Curriculum

Unit 1 – Understanding Key Legislation related to Physical Education and School Sport (L/502/8449) Learning outcomes
The learner will:
Assessment criteria
The learner can:
Understand the National Curriculum for Physical Education
Illustrate the major developments in the Physical Education Curriculum Describe the importance of Physical Education within the National Curriculum Explain the difference between the National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Physical Education in relation to their processes and content

The Task
The following parts are about you showing that you understand the National Curriculum for Physical Education. You’ll be required to illustrate the major developments in the Physical Education Curriculum, since the 1988 Education Reform Act to present day. a. Summarise key changes to the Physical Education Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets brought about by the following: The Education Reform Act 1988. The Education (National Curriculum) Order 1995. The Education (National Curriculum) Order 1999. The Education (National Curriculum) Order 2007. b. In groups, discuss the impact and importance of Physical Education within the National Curriculum and record your findings. c. In groups, research and compare the 1999 Programme of Study for Primary Physical Education to that of the 2007 Programme of Study for Secondary Physical Education and record your findings. Part a – Key developments in the Physical Education Curriculum You will need to build learners’ background around the following: The National Curriculum – What is it? When did it start? Why did it start? What is Physical Education?

Breadth of Study
Programme of Study
Key Stages
Major milestones – see table below

Legislation: Key changes to the Physical Education Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets: The Education Reform Act 1988
The National Curriculum (NC) was introduced.
The National Curriculum consisted of four main ‘AMES’ :
Assessment was enabled because of standardized content – this allowed significant development. School choice mobility and the beneficial effects of a standardized curriculum preventing disruption to pupils who moved areas were contributed for. All children in schools were entitled to be taught a basic yet necessary curriculum. Standards and standardization of content (along with assessment of progress and attainment) meant that schools could judged on their measured ability to teach the National Curriculum Four Key Stages (KS) were introduced in schools according to age/year. The 1944 Education Act only required Schools to provide facilities for Physical Education. So In 1988 Physical Education was introduced as a Foundation Subject. At each key stage a number of educational objectives were listed For each subject a Programme of Study (PoS) was produced which included several target goals including attainment targets, skills and understanding to be assessed and a breadth of study The formulation of the NCPE PoS was achieved in 1992

Planning, performing and evaluating was the only attainment target required for Physical Education. The extent of learning included 6 activity areas:
Games Activities
Gymnastics Activities
Dance Activities
Swimming activities and water safety
Outdoor and Adventurous Activities
Athletic Activities
The Education (National Curriculum) Order 1995
Physical Education had a variety of changes and they included: Areas for activities were shortened down into halves
To allow greater access for all learners and aid assessment of progress, an end of key stage description (EKSD) making up the attainment target for PE was produced for each of the four key stages.

The Education (National Curriculum) Order 1999
Overarching reports were completed with regard to inclusion and equal opportunities in the National Curriculum. National Expectations were also set for the attainment of levels by...
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