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Teacher and Children

By Kebaby1975 Sep 30, 2014 686 Words
My role as a teaching assistant in a school is to do as i am employed and support the teacher in all duties she/he requires me to do, I may work on a whole with the class assisting the teacher as required, with a small group or on a one to one basis with a child with barriers to learning, be this their language, learning difficulties or disabilites. I may be required to assist at lunch breaks, breakfast and after school clubs and even school trips (holidays). No matter how I am required to work in the classroom my duties and responsibilities are quite simular. •Careful managment of the children in organising them to come to activities, walk to different areas, listen to the teacher, be safe. •Preparing the classroom, ready for the lessons that are next, be it getting supplies ready, tidying up previous sessions or ensuring all safety equipement are where they should be. •Planning, delivering and evaluating teaching and learning activities as requested by the teacher. For example i may operate a puppet whilst the teacher asks questions or teaches •Motivating and encouraging the children, be the childs support, encouragment and role model. •Support the children, in expressing themselves as it can be daunting in large groups or to participate •Model appropriate behaviour, do as the teacher is asking so the children copy, ie if teacher asks for everyone to hold their hand up, do it as if u are listening encouraging the children to do what is required. •Ensuring children have access to and are able to use material needed to complete tasks. •Helping pupils who need extra support to complete tasks, individually and in groups •Support literacy and numeracy activities in the classroom, adapting learning methods in accordance to the child. •Help even the most active children or easily distracted child maintain his interest by sitting next to them or offering a raised eyebrow, or simply eye contact, to encourage the child back to task. •Maintain minimum distruption to the session and the other children by removing an unsettled child for rebalancing or distributing aids and resorces so mimimun disturbance is maintained •Observing pupil performance and reporting on observations to the teacher •Supervising art and craft activities and displaying work, ensuring the safety at all times. •Comfort after children who are upset

• Supporting and comforting children who are unwell or had accidents •Playing educational games and encouraging them to learn through play •Setting up information and communication technology (ICT) resources and supporting teaching and learning through the use of ICT •Listening to pupils read, reading to them, and telling them stories •Working with any language barriers, whether it be language, makaton, PECs •Translating and interpreting as best my knowledge or training allows. •Making resources

•Supporting other members of the team and getting support as i need. •Assisting in the delivery of curriculum specific programs of study. •Teaching individually or sometime in small groups.
•Support the implementation of strategies to manage children’s behavior and help manage children’s behavior •Devote time to them in developing a response giving them the confidence to share it •Respect all the teachers and teaching assistants

•Follow the routines
•Echo the teacher or reword questions to support the children who appear to need that extra support • Follow all workplace policies and policies
•maintain regulations
•Abide by the minimum standards that are set out in the policies and proceedures. •duty of care to the child
•Undertake appropriate administrative tasks, e.g. produce worksheets for agreed activity. •Assist children in the development of communication skills and role play activity •Encourage the children with a little nod or smile to build their confidence. A teaching assistant are proberly the most valuable resource in a clasroom. Their role is crucial and effective planning by the teacher can ensure they are deployed in the best way possible to support the teachers and children. Its crucial that teaching assistants participate in the seeions, be very observant, suport teachers and children and their feedback is crucial for future planning. *REF All italics are quotes and references from Five to seven Volume 1 March 2002*

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