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1.1 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role. As a Teaching Assistant my main responsibility is to create a safe, happy, positive, stimulating and multicultural learning environment in which children can be cared for.

My main duties are listed below:
To work as an integral member of the team, creating a safe, constructive and stimulating environment for the children. To meet the children’s individual needs, appropriate to their stage and level of development. To be involved in the setting up and clearing away at the start and end of each session as required. To be involved with the planning of activities.

To support literacy and numeracy activities in the classroom. To foster children’s growth of development and self reliance, and to be involved in children’s activities with a view to supporting and extending these activities appropriately. To ensure that toys and equipment are maintained, clean and safe to play with or use. To understand and comply with the Fire Drill Practise.

To attend and take part in staff and other relevant meetings. To keep a daily register, first aid box and other relevant records as required. To communicate with parents and carers in a positive, constructive manner. To make time available on a regular basis to discuss the day to day running of the setting with other members of staff. Observing pupil performance and reporting on observations to the teacher Listening to pupils read, reading to them, and telling them stories.

I also feel that as an individual I am able to communicate well with children and adults and actually enjoy doing this and hopefully inject a bit of humour into work. Often I am left to decide how or what to do with children as the teacher is tied up doing other things. This means I must use my own initiative and get on with the task in hand. I am able to do this without a problem. I realise I must always be busy and if this means straightening the books in the book corner or sharpening pencils then this is what I do. I am aware I am expected to follow all the schools policies and procedures and so I have a copy of them all and have read them all. An important policy is of course confidentiality. Everything that happens in the school must remain there – I am not to discuss children school records and background with any outsiders. I am a good listener too and feel I have a sympathetic nature however I also realise I need to be firm but fair. Boundaries are important to children and must be made clear.

1.2 Explain expectation about own work role as expresses in relevant standards.

Each work role has its own set of standards the expectations I was given by my class teacher included being reliable and able to build good relationships with children and parent carers, encouraging play whilst learning, and by having children’s best interests e.g. physical activities, outings, this would help them to enjoy their growth in knowledge and assist in enhancing their development as a whole. Also I was expected to work as a team with other staff members and parent/carers in order to support the children to promote the children’s initial learning so that the children could feel confident and would be able to boost up their self-esteem. I was also expected to supervise the children which meant following the Child Protection Act and health and safety policy. Children must always be watched closely to prevent and reduce the severity of injury to children. Children often challenge their own abilities but are not always able to recognise the risks involved. As a Teaching Assistant I need to supervise children and identify any risks and minimise injury. The National Occupational Standards for Teaching Assistant offers guidance on the wider aspects of competent performance. It also forms the basis for the NAPTA (National Association of Professional Teaching Assistants) Profiles, which many schools now expect their...
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