Tattoos and Piercings

Topics: Body modification, Body piercing, Body art Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: February 15, 2011
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Body piercing and tattoos are a great form of artwork to the world. People get tattoos and piercings because it is a type of style that some people just want to have and it pleases there type of style. People get piercings and tattoos in places you will never imagine. Tattoos and piercings are like an extra piece of clothing or a style that people have like in the summer time. In the summer time in New York City people are amazed by tattoos it’s cool to have your ears pierced or have a tattoo. Some reasons people get piercings are to fit in with a certain group they hang out with daily, also they get it because they love jewelry, and I know some males who got piercings to impress ladies because some females like boys with piercings. Tattoos and piercings are really starting to become a lot more popular in today’s world and a lot more people are starting to get them and if you don’t have one it’s like you’re the weird one in the group you hang with. The artwork is so amazing and people become obsessed with the artwork and they just feel the need to have the art on their body. My beliefs on tattoos are that God doesn’t want our body marked all up so he doesn’t want us to damage our body. I did a survey around some of the football players on the team and I asked them why did they get tattoos? Everyone of them I asked said they either got one because the lost of a loved one then after the first tattoo they fell in love with the art and felt the need to have more art on their body. Tattoos in the youth culture are very popular. Tattooing, body piercing, or the latest look in clothing, teens express themselves through what they wear and how they look. Adolescence is a time when kids are creating their own separate identity, and a large part of that is expressed through fashion. Tattoos are the rage even among young teen-agers. They are becoming so common that many parents are allowing their children to make what are, in...
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