Tattoos in the Workplace

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Tattoos in the Workplace

Responsive-Final Draft
April 4, 2013
There is always a lot of controversy when it comes to tattoos. Most people instantly have an opinion of them; they are either for or against tattoos. What is not realized is the fact that there is a ton of time and effort put into the sketching and placement of a tattoo. People tattoo themselves as a way of self-expression and liberation. Unfortunately, in the business world, most executives do not believe there is such a thing as a tasteful tattoo and see them as a sign of rebellion. Some people may argue that tattoos in the workplace are inappropriate, unprofessional, and even distracting. Although tattoos are not respected by certain demographics and may portray negative images that may be offensive, people should not be denied a career based on the personalized art they carefully chose to display on their bodies. Tattoos are not respected by most people in certain demographics. Displaying tattoos is considered taboo to them. There are also people within these groups who see tattoos as unholy and unrespectable. They claim that the body is a temple and no ink should taint the skin in such manner. People of these groups also believe that tattoos are trashy and of bad taste. If tattoos are in a visible place on someone’s body, such as the hands or neck, that person can and will get discriminated against because of their tattoos. Some people may question whether or not this is fair. Unfortunately, people can be very judgmental. Everyone has opinions as to what is acceptable and what is not. Tattoos happen to be a topic that can cause people to be extremely aggressive towards one another. In a business setting, tattoos portray a negative image and whoever has these tattoos will be viewed at first glance as someone who is unprofessional and uneducated. Some tattoos can be displayed in an offensive manner. If someone is displaying a tattoo that has derogatory language or some kind of...
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