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The Master’s Learning Institute Online Expansion Proposal
Marisa Levario

The Master’s Learning Institute Online Expansion Proposal
The Master’s Learning Institute (MLI) is a non-traditional, secondary home-school program established by Ms. Sherry Lyle in 1986, and has provided home-school services to thousand of students for over 28 years. MLI is recognized as a Christian private school and provides four programs students may enroll in, and upon successful completion, each student earns their high school diploma. Currently, MLI does not provide an online service to students, requiring students to physically attend a Learning Center, located in various regions throughout the state of Texas. By providing online services to the public community, MLI will benefit financially, as well as through growth. MLI has recently established a correspondence program, which allows non-local students to enroll into MLI and complete coursework through correspondence procedures. By providing an online outlet, students would highly benefit from performing all coursework online, along with any documentation for enrollment, paying tuition, etc., and would eliminate excessive, unnecessary time and postage involved in mailing out correspondence information. MLI Programs and Website Information

MLI offers four programs: Project Graduation, Adult Education, Youth Education, and ESL Adult Education. Each program is designed to assist students in need of earnig their High School Diploma through non-traditional methods, such as home school. Enrollment into each program begins with a registration process where the student completes an application, service contract, and any other legal documentation required by the state. During the initial appointment, each student (regardless of program) is required to pay for and complete an analysis exam. Upon completion of the exam, and depending on which program the student enrolls in, curriculum is issued, and the student is scheduled for his/her next, and final, appointment. The final appointment consists of students returning their completed curriculum, paying their final tuition, and reviewing completion documents. Most of this process could be done online, providing for less time used on petty paperwork versus an employee focusing on other important tasks like marketing, advertising, reviewing transcripts, data processing, etc.

MLI currently has an informational website listing the background information, history, contact information, and program information; however, there is not an option to enroll or pay tuition. If MLI incorporated an “enrollment” option, where students can complete all enrollment documentations and pay tuition through the website, using PayPal, this would eliminate costs such as copy paper, ink/toner expenses, postage, etc. Students would be able to enroll in any program, as well as the correspondence program, complete an online assessment, which would provide us with information on student’s educational status, and pay their tuition. This would provide a major advantage in promoting the essence of time in which students can complete the program and earn their high school diploma and quickly move on to a higher institute, enlist in military, or use their high school diploma for work purposes. Of course, as with any business, the expenses incurred would be (but not limited to) website expansion costs and PayPal fees, as well as any other administration, marketing, or advertising fees. Online expansion

A typical online experience would begin with a student clicking on the “New Student” option, completing the registration form and state compliance documents, and complete exam fee payment through a PayPal link. Once payment is received by MLI, a Director will contact the student and schedule a testing time, in which the student will complete the analysis exam and begin coursework, depending on analysis exam results....

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