Task 3

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The necessity to combine the Utah Symphony and the Opera is based on the ever changing environment that supports the arts community. There have been seismic changes in the economic landscape throughout the entire country over the past few years. These changes have created shortfalls and limitations on external funds donated to help fund the arts in and around the Salt Lake Community. Exec. Summary:

You people represent the newly merged boards of the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera. We would like to take some time highlight the strategic goals set forth for the newly formed organization. At the end of this presentation you should have a firm knowledge of each individual company. You will be aware of their strengths, weakness and the differences in their cultures. In addition, you should have an understanding of how the newly formed organization will operate and continue to provide services to the community. Goals for Today:

Explain where each company is on the competing values framework diagram. How this will affect the merger process? Design a mission and vision for the newly formed company that will: * Integrate the process of the two companies

* Reduce the overall expenses as a percentage of profit * Retain key employees
* Maintain audience base for both the opera and the symphony * Identify and pursue synergistic opportunities between the two companies This merger process involves the combining of cultures, operations, administration, staff, leadership, vision, direction, and missions of each organization into one symbiotic entity. When any type of merger takes place it is paramount to evaluate where each individual company values fall in relation to the above depicted Values Framework. To create a synergy between the two companies moving forward we should evaluate where they are in their current state. According to their 2010 book Organizational behavior, Kreiter & Kinicki tell us “That organizational culture is a contextual variable influencing individual, group, and organizational behavior” (p. 65). We have placed the symphony and the opera inside the competing values framework diagram. As is clearly depicted in the slide the Symphony and the Opera are two very different cultures. Let’s examine the unique characteristics that help define each organization. The symphony displays features that are align with Clan culture. First the people that make up the majority of the symphony are the musicians. The leading organizational feature of the symphony is a culture of a tight knit family. The musicians and the musical director are a family. They practice as one unit, perform as one unit, and make operational decisions for themselves as a family unit. This unit is best described as the musicians union. The Clan culture can be compared to a family-run business. The culture displays, “shared values and goals, cohesion, participation, individuality, and a sense of we-ness” (Cameron & Quinn, 1999, p. 36). The symphony is driven by Clan culture features, such as togetherness, shared vision, commitment to goals, and achievements. Clan culture employees will often take a cut in wages to maintain highly regarded and respected relationships that pay dividends in altruistic fashion. The focus for the symphony is an inward alignment. The symphony knows that to achieve its goals of being one of the top symphony's they must attract, cultivate, and retain the highest talented musicians. In addition these musicians must buy-in-to the Clan culture that has been established by the symphony. There will some flexibility for the people of the symphony and they will be lead by leaders like the musical director; that are constantly being supportive and fathering a learning environment. A company culture is shaped by many variables. The direction, the vision, the strategy, and the stakeholders all play relevant roles in creating a company’s culture....
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