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Task Biii 1 emergency situations

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Task Biii 1 emergency situations
Assessment Criteria:
Describe the actions to take in response to emergency situations, including:
a) fires,
b) security incidents and
c) missing children or young people.
Task : Describe the actions to be taken in each of the following situations: a fire, a security incident, and a missing child or young person.
Sources of information:
Class hand outs
Class notes
a) Actions to take in case of a fire when in a classroom:
Assess the situation. If the fire is small enough to control and put out with a fire extinguisher and you have had training, (and ONLY if you feel confident enough) do so immediately. If this is not the case then immediately raise the fire alarm.
Talk to the pupils and tell them to line up orderly and sensibly, remain calm to help keep the pupils calm and tell them to walk sensibly but quickly out of the classroom via the nearest safe exit or fire exit, heading for the assembly point outside. Do not stop or go back for any belongings. Close any doors and windows behind you, looking for anyone to take out with you.
Assemble the pupils outside at the appointed place and keep them in line.
If safe to do so, check the toilet areas as you go including individual cubicles.
Fire services should be called at the earliest possible point once the pupils are out of dangers way or out of the building.
Call the register to ensure no pupils are missing.
Do not re-enter the building until the all clear has been given.
Call parents/carers to collect their children.

b) Actions to be taken in a security incident such as a stranger on the school premises:
At first sign of a stranger on the school premises, you (the teacher) should approach them and ask for identity and their reasons for being there.
If they do not have a legitimate reason for being there then they should be asked to leave immediately, even if it is a parent. Ask for assistance from a colleague and escort them from the premises.
If the person/s does not comply, gets angry, abusive, or physical in any way or damages property, then police should be immediately called, the rest of the school informed to ensure all pupils are indoors and accounted for, and all doors and windows secured. On no account should a member of staff confront them or attempt to escort them away or diffuse any abusive behaviour by them.
If the person/s identifies themselves and have a legitimate reason to be there, and this can be confirmed by another member of staff, then the person/s should be made aware that they need to always report to head office/reception to obtain a security badge and to sign in to the visitors register.

c) Actions to be taken if a child is missing:
If any member of staff discovers a child is missing they will immediately inform the class teacher or nearest teacher, stating who it is or give a description and state what the child was last seen doing and where.
The classroom is to be searched first, then, ensuring the class is left supervised by another teacher or support staff, the whole school premises will be searched by the class teacher assisted, if possible, by another teacher or support staff.
If not found indoors then a search of the school premises outdoors is to be done including any bushes, trees etc.
If the child is not found within a reasonable time then the head teacher or deputy head is to be informed who will then take over responsibility, delegating staff to their duties. A wider search will be conducted with other available adults, ensuring that a familiar teacher is left in the classroom in case the child returns there.
If the head teacher is satisfied that the child is not on the premises then the parents/carers are informed to find out if the child has returned home. If the child is not at home then a wider search outside of the school premises will be conducted in consultation with the parents. The parents will be asked to bring with them a recent photo of the child.
If the child is not found then the police are informed and, as appropriate, the social services and the chairman of the school governors. The head teacher and other staff will continue the search as directed by the police. Staff will need to write down a description of what the child was wearing.
When a missing child has been found then the head teacher will investigate the reasons and circumstances of why and how the child went missing and a report made. A review of the security procedures should follow.

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