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Chiaochan, Duangkamon

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Real Vacation and Dream Vacation There are 2 kinds of vacation; a real vacation and a dream vacation. Both have several differences. To begin with, a real vacation is cheap and people can afford it. For example, people travel to the beach and stay overnight on the weekend in the summer. It can be just a day trip such as people who live in Vienna, Virginia take their family to visit The White House in Washington. D.C. On the other hand, a dream vacation can be too expensive. For instance, traveling to space, to the moon, or traveling around the world in a month. These vacations will cost a lot and not everyone can pay for them. Another point is a real vacation does not need physical training. If people would like to go to the beach they just need to prepare the swimming suit, mats and travel. When they are ready, they could go strait to the beach. In contrast, traveling to the space need to get physical training before travel. People need to learn how to stay in the rocket and adjust themselves for staying in space. The final different between a real vacation and a dream vacation is the chance for it to happen. A real vacation can happen after people plan and take vacation anytime, but a dream vacation might not be able to happen. To illustrate, people would like to travel to heaven, Jupiter or the bottom of the ocean for their vacation. These vacations are unrealistic. However, both vacations make people feel happy even some of them are only imagination vacation.
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