Tae Guk Gi Cultural Analysis

Topics: Korean War, South Korea, North Korea Pages: 8 (2205 words) Published: October 1, 2009
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“Tae Guk Gi”
The brotherhood of war

I- Presentation
II- Summary
III- Presentation of the main characters
IV- Culture analysis

I- presentation

Tae Guk Gi was directed and written by Je-gyu Kang. It’s a drama about the fate of two brothers forced to fight in Korean War. This film received five rewards of which three for the best artistic direction.

II- Summary

A group of Korean archeologists find a skeleton and identify it as Lee Jin-Seok. But Lee Jin-Seok is still alive and he is now an old man. It is his brother Jin-Tae who went missing in the Korean War. We travel from the present to 1950, when the Korean War started. In 1950, in South Korea, the shoe-shiner Jin-tae Lee and his eighteen years old student brother Jin-seok Lee form a poor but happy family with their mother, Jin-tae's fiancé Young-shin Kim and her young sisters. Jin-tae and his mother are tough workers, who sacrifice themselves to send Jin-seok to the university. When North Korea invades the South, the family escapes to a relative's house in the country, but along their journey, Jin-seok is forced to join the army to fight in the front, and Jin-tae enlists too to protect his young brother. The commander promises Jin-tae that if he gets a medal he would release his brother, and Jin-tae becomes the braver soldier in the company. Along the bloody war between brothers, the relationship of Jin-seok with his older brother deteriorates leading to a dramatic and tragic end.

III- Presentation of the characters


|  |Jin-Tae Lee |Jin-Seok Lee |Young-shin Kim | |Openess to experience |Low |Low |Low | |Extroversion |High |High |Low | |Conscientiousness |High |High |High | |Emotional stability |High |High |High | |Agreableness |High |High |High |

The three characters have low openness to experience. As we can see, they are conventional. They don’t think about travelling, they prefer to stay at home with the whole family. They have a simple way of life and enjoy it. The woman is the symbol of a typical Korean woman. They don’t have to be educated. This right is only for the men. She is obliged to take care of the children and her husband. The two men are talkative and sociable. They have a lot of friends and talk with everyone in the street, like with the children. The woman is more reserved and quiet because it’s the way of acting for women in Korean culture. The three main characters have a high level of conscientiousness. They are organized, responsible, hardworking and achievement oriented. They work really hard. The oldest brother works really hard to send his young brother to the university. The woman takes care about her sisters. The woman has a high level of emotional stability. Even when she’s dying, she stays calm, and when the two men are in the train to go to the war, she’s trying to calm her. She’s a model of stability. The two men have also a high level of emotional stability which is presented during the war. They all have a high level of agreeableness. They are courteous and good natured.

IV- Culture Analysis


1. Artifacts

Behavior: In a Korean family, we can see that the members are really close to each other, trying to do the best for everyone. Everyone makes sacrifices for having the best for the whole family. So, family connection is important, but, they respect a certain distance between...
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