Hideki Tojo

Topics: Empire of Japan, Staff, Second Sino-Japanese War Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Hideki Tojo

The moment he felt the ring of the thick rough rope slip through his head, he knew the time was here. The awful stench he could smell from the brown sack, which covers his face from the world. His senses heightened, he could hear movement around him, feet shuffling, deep breathing, and most of all, the sound of the man standing behind him, breathing on his neck like the predator that he is, the man who would kick the stool he stands on. The stool that’s so wobbly he could feel it shaking beneath his feet. He could hear the ticking off the clock in the room, going “tick tock tick tock”. Then as he felt the man behind him tighten the rope on his neck he saw his life flash before his eyes. Hideki Tojo was his name; he grew up following the footstep of the man he idolized the most his father. Thus a War Lord is born.

On the cold winter night of December 30, 1884 Hideki Tojo was born and where his life begun in the Kojimachi District or more known now as Chiyoda in Tokyo, Japan. Hideki Tojo son of an Army Infantry Lieutenant, Later on became a Lieutenant General, Hidenori Tojo. Following his footsteps he attended the Army Cadet School in 1899, and then the Japanese Military Academy in 1904. In March of 1905, he completed his course at the Japanese Military Academy and he was commissioned as a second Lieutenant in the Infantry.

In 1909 he met and married Katsuko Ito, in their whole marriage life they had three sons and four daughters. Hideki Tojo excelled amazingly in his military career, he rise through ranks in an amazing pace. In the August of 1919 Hideki Tojo served in Switzerland as a Military Attaché. In August 10 of 1920 he was promoted to the rank of a Major. Later on he served Germany in 1921 of July as the Military Attaché. On November 28 1922, he became an instructor at the Army Staff College. In 1924 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. On March 8 1928 he was Bureau of Chief in the Japanese Army. April 10 1928 he was promoted as...
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