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  • Korean War

    On June 25‚ 1950‚ the Korean War begins when North Korean troops invade South Korea‚ but the report goes largely unnoticed in Seattle. Seattle’s principal role during the three-year conflict will be as a port of embarkation through which personnel and materiel flow to the Far East. News of the invasion by North Korea came on a Sunday. The first indication of the seriousness of the event came the next day when military installations in Puget Sound and in Alaska were placed on full alert. Even after

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  • Korean Immigration

    Korean Immigration by Jenny Franko Pogi hajimara. In Korean‚ this translates to “don’t give up‚” three words that became their motto during their times of despair. The Koreans have faced many difficulties‚ but managed to overcome them with the aid of hope. As soon as one war would come to an end‚ another one would start. Though Koreans have only recently immigrated in large numbers to the United States‚ due to North Korean oppression‚ they have managed to make a reasonable amount of contributions

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  • Korean Unification

    interest and impact. I believe that North and South Korea can’t and won’t reunify under any circumstances because of the long‚ difficult history between the two nations. The conflict between North and South Korea began in the 1950’s during the Korean War. The North (communist) wanted to reunite with the South (democratic) by force. The US had just pulled it forces out of South Korea and left them with a small military that wasn’t in fighting condition. While on the other hand‚ North Korea was

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  • Korean War

    Korean War The first significant Canadian event that I picked was the Korean War. The Korean War was a conflict in Korea between North and South Korea spanning from June 25th 1950 to July 27th 1953‚ the south backed by the United Nations and the north backed by China with some material aid from the Soviets. The war was started due to a political division of Korea due to an agreement with the allied forces after WW II. After that the American administrators proceeded in dividing the Korean Peninsula

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  • Causes of Korean War

    The Causes of the Korean War‚ 1950-1953 Ohn Chang-Il Korea Military Academy ABSTRACT The causes of the Korean War (1950-1953) can be examined in two categories‚ ideological and political. Ideologically‚ the communist side‚ including the Soviet Union‚ China‚ and North Korea‚ desired to secure the Korean peninsula and incorporate it in a communist bloc. Politically‚ the Soviet Union considered the Korean peninsula in the light of Poland in Eastern Europe—as a springboard to attack Russia—and

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  • "The Korean War." Briefly describes the cause and effect of the Korean War. Also describes the US involvement in the Korean War.

    The Korean War The Korean War was a war between North and South Korea. However it was fought between people who wanted Communist rule in Korea versus people who wanted freedom and democracy. It had no winners. All it had was people who lost their lives. Korea is a peninsula adjacent to China on the west. On the east‚ across the East Sea lies Japan. Korea is approximately 5000 square miles. It is about the size of Utah and is very mountainous. (Oberdorfer‚ 3) In Korea lies the most militarized

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  • Intervention of Us in the Korean War

    in resolving the Korean War. This is because USA prolonged the war‚ and made it international by getting China involved. However‚ USA was also a help because it provided the South with the manpower to fight back against the North Korean army and by pushing them back to the 38th parallel. The intervention of USA was more of a hindrance because the USA prolonged the war by invading into the North Korean territory when they could have actually ended the fight with the North Koreans at the 38th parallel

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  • North and South: War on the Korean Peninsula

    Matthew Brown Professor Summer Jenkins ENG 112 11am 7 April 2013 North and South: War on the Korean Peninsula War on the Korean Peninsula is always a possibility. While most experts agree that “Korean War II” is not imminent‚ the actions of the new North Korean leader‚ Kim Jong Un‚ lead the United States to ponder the possibility of another Korean War. Andrew Salmon shows in his article “Korean nightmare: Experts ponder potential conflict” the devastating loss of life on both sides‚ the

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  • north korea

    compensate for is what would South Korea do if attacked by North Korea either with nuclear power or ground troops and etc. While political and military analysts sound pretty confident that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s threats are just bluster‚ you can’t get around the fact that the region encompassing the Korean peninsula is one of the most heavily militarized places on Earth‚ home to three of the world’s six-largest militaries. America doesn’t have as much insight as we should with regards to the

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  • Information Speech over South Korea

    proposed by U.S. president Harry S. Truman on August 15th 1945. 2. The reason the 38th parallel was established is because the United States didn’t want the Soviet Union to have complete control over the entire Korean peninsula. 3. The 38th parallel is also known as the Korean Demilitarized zone or DMZ. 4. It is approximately 2½ miles wide and runs east coast to west coast across the peninsula and is heavily guarded on both

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