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Topics: World War I, Bosnia and Herzegovina, French Third Republic Pages: 2 (802 words) Published: October 3, 2014
Why did the Alliance System Develop?
Reasons for the Triple Entente and Triple Alliance
Relations between members of the alliance
Consequences of the alliance for international stability
The Alliance system developed because the past tensions between the major powers, it is believed that these were nationalism, imperialism and militarism which are the push factor for the formation of the Alliances. The alliance development was the idea of Bismarck, who saw a solution to maintain peace throughout Europe, where all powers mutually benefit and protect the newly unified Germany allowing it to strengthen. Germany was rivals with France and Britain and they too were concerned about the growth of Russia. Germany was more concerned about the encirclement by the three major powers. Germany also devised a system of alliances to isolate France and prevent war of revenge against Germany over the loss of Alsace Lorraine. Germany first formed a dual alliance with Austria it 1879, Austria was power hungry and saw the alliance as an opportunity to grow economically and to keep its fragmented empire together. Later Italy joined the alliance, with an aim of hoping to establish its government and set up colonies and build an empire overseas. In 1882 the triple alliance was formed between Germany, Austria-hungry and Italy. Each member promised mutual support in the event of an attack by any other great power. The other powers were alarmed by the central block, Britain released that the splendid isolation was too dangerous. It was concerned about its vast colonies in Africa and agreements made with France in 1904.Above all it was concerned about Germany and its strong navy. Germany was seen as a serious threat to Britain and its navy. In 1904 Britain signed an agreement with France. France was worried about the growing power of Germany. Its main concern was to protect itself from another attack by Germany and to regain Alasce-Lorriane.Russia was a growing power and also saw...
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