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By zohra-mook Oct 03, 2014 802 Words
Why did the Alliance System Develop?
Reasons for the Triple Entente and Triple Alliance
Relations between members of the alliance
Consequences of the alliance for international stability
The Alliance system developed because the past tensions between the major powers, it is believed that these were nationalism, imperialism and militarism which are the push factor for the formation of the Alliances. The alliance development was the idea of Bismarck, who saw a solution to maintain peace throughout Europe, where all powers mutually benefit and protect the newly unified Germany allowing it to strengthen. Germany was rivals with France and Britain and they too were concerned about the growth of Russia. Germany was more concerned about the encirclement by the three major powers. Germany also devised a system of alliances to isolate France and prevent war of revenge against Germany over the loss of Alsace Lorraine. Germany first formed a dual alliance with Austria it 1879, Austria was power hungry and saw the alliance as an opportunity to grow economically and to keep its fragmented empire together. Later Italy joined the alliance, with an aim of hoping to establish its government and set up colonies and build an empire overseas. In 1882 the triple alliance was formed between Germany, Austria-hungry and Italy. Each member promised mutual support in the event of an attack by any other great power. The other powers were alarmed by the central block, Britain released that the splendid isolation was too dangerous. It was concerned about its vast colonies in Africa and agreements made with France in 1904.Above all it was concerned about Germany and its strong navy. Germany was seen as a serious threat to Britain and its navy. In 1904 Britain signed an agreement with France. France was worried about the growing power of Germany. Its main concern was to protect itself from another attack by Germany and to regain Alasce-Lorriane.Russia was a growing power and also saw Germany as threat as well. It also had a long term rival with Austria-Hungry. In 1907 Russia joined and the Triple Entente was formed. Unlike the triple alliance, the triple Entente was a friendship Treaty Alliance. The Triple alliance was more like a military Alliance. All the members of the Triple Entente had tensions with Germany. There was a tensions build up with the system alliance in the 1900. During the Boer war, Britain was fighting to conquer South Africa, against the Boers. Germany gave her support to the Boer .The British were outraged and developed the idea that Germany wanted to challenge Britain. In the 1900 Germany also began to build her navy, then in 1906 she began to build the ‘Dreadnought’, which was the most powerful ship. Britain thought that Germany was challenging Britain’s sea power, Germany was seen a threat on the British seas and empires. Britain started to build its navy and the naval race was on. This created even more tension during the formation of the Triple alliances. Tension grew even more during the Moroccan Crisis 1906,When France wanted to conquer Morocco they received support from Britain but Germany interfered and pronounced their support for Morocco. This left the French and Britain furious and they saw it as another attempt for Germany to build its empire. The first Balkans crisis involved both alliances in 1908.When Austria-Hungry took over Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Russia protested. Germany supported Austria-Hungry and Russia and Serbia backed down because they did not want to risk war over these this conflict. Russia was suspicious of Austria ambitions in the Balkans and this was the spark of the World War 1.

Must include Bosnia crises
Agadir crisis

What was the importance of militarism and the Naval Race?
Increasing Armaments
Reasons for and consequence of the Naval Race
War Aims-Serbia vs Austria, Russia vs Austria, Russia vs Germany, France vs Germany, Britain vs Germany Which resulted to ww1
Militarism and the Naval Race were very important between the two Alliance because they war constantly competing by: increasing their armaments, reasons of Naval Race and own war aims of each power. There was much importance for the military buildup during the 1800, particualry with Germany and Austria. All the other powers built up their armies and navy as well. The Germans aims was to Germany particularly was power hungry and the Kaiser surround himself with military advisers, where he embraced and glorified militarism. They were the most powerful and the best, with the biggest and best trained army. In 1900 the Germans arms build-up was 0.5m, then it increased to 0.7m in 1910 and lastly in 1914 it was 1.5m. After the 1907 there was an increase of military influence,Russia emerged and was building a vast army,this made the Germans Worry

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