Topics: Otto von Bismarck, World War I, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (567 words) Published: August 10, 2014
Major Causes of WWI
In the 1990s, Europe was feeling good about themselves. They felt that their technology and their art were highly more advanced than any other countries. But by the end of 1918, Europe’s countries and their empires had collapse after the war. The underlying causes that lead up to the war was the balancing of power, Alliances, and Imperialism. European leaders believed creating a balance of power would prevent one country from being more powerful than another European country. The idea was if Germany, England, France, and Russia were all equal in power, than there would be no war. But the Chancellor of Prussia, Otto von Bismarck, thought differently. He didn’t like that Germany was being squished by Russia and France, so to solve this problem he created an alliance with Austria- Hungary. There was a lot of different alliances in the war such as; The Alliances between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, Along with the allied powers (France, Great Britain, and Russia), and then there was the neutral nations. Why were there so many alliances in WWI? The reason why alliances were established were because if one country in need of aid or war effort the allied country could assist them. In many aspects of WWI these alliances proved to be effective in helping one country in need of supplies or other various rations(Document A). For Example Russia had endless supply of soldiers, while Great Britain had he strongest navy in the world (Document C). So therefore Russia would help out Great Britain with soldiers while Great Britain could help Russia with fights in the ocean.

In Document F, It shows the sizes of colonial Empires in 1913. The country with the biggest empire in square miles was Great Britain and all those empires hold up to 400,000,000 million people. It was surprising seeing the United States as the smallest empires combined at 125,000 and only a population at 10,000,000. United states has one of the biggest countries but yet have...
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