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System Analysis And Design

Gym Management System

Bon Raven Lucero
Kendrick Willson Matusalem
Challs Merick Otchengco


Gym Management System allows the user to store the medicine details, employee details, the details of person who is in the gym, gym equipment details etc. This software package allows storing the details of all the data related to gymnasium. The system is strong enough to withstand regressive yearly operations under conditions where the database is maintained and cleared over a certain time of span. The implementation of the system in the organization will considerably reduce data entry, time and also provide readily calculated reports. It automatically manage user membership expiration and User Account Details. The objective of the Gym Management System is to provide a system which handles the information of the people coming into the gym and maintaining their health care. It takes care of all their health information. It even maintains the data of what and all medicines used by the people who join the gym. Data will be stored in the database. Gym Management System are commonly used at some Fitness Gym to make it more organize when it comes in making database. The system is very user friendly and it is anticipated that functions of the system will be easily accessed by administrators, academic, students and applicants.


President John F. Kennedy was a major proponent of fitness and its health-related benefits for Americans of all ages. To reflect this concern, he broadened the scope of the President’s Council on Youth Fitness by changing its name to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and appointed Bud Wilkinson as its head. Kennedy also prompted the federal government to become more involved in national fitness promotion and started pilot youth fitness programs. Another major influence during this time was Dr. Ken H. Cooper, widely recognized as the “father of the modern fitness movement.” Cooper advocated a new philosophy that focused on disease prevention instead of disease treatment. Early in his career, Cooper stressed the necessity of providing epidemiological data to support the benefits of regular exercise and health. Data from thousands of individuals became the foundation for his “aerobics” concepts. Dr. Cooper’s message, programs and ideas established the model from which fitness has proliferated up to modern times.

The system is limited only to those owners who want to have their fitness gym to be more organize.The system can only be manage by the admins. The system is strong enough to withstand regressive yearly operations under conditions where the database is maintained and cleared over a certain time of span. 

This causes difficulty on the part of participating Gym Admins. A problem of manual based gym database includes:

1. Time consumed in checking the records (See Appendix A.) 2. Delay in tracking record(See Appendix B.)
3. Loss of records (See Appendix C.)

The general objective of the proposed system is to develop an automated Gym System; specifically it aims to:

1. Assess the strength of each person based on the current weight of their body. 2. Accelerate the process of checking the exam;
3. Create a record of all the examinees
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