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Synopsis on

The role of mall as a cultural hotspot

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Enugu state, popularly known as “Coal city state” is the capital of the South-East Nigeria, has a population of approximately 5.6million people is in dire need of a state of the art world class shopping centre where its cultural heritage, the ibo’s and Nigerians in general will be showcased, promoted and for socializing.

Shopping centre or shopping mall can be defined as a building or set of buildings having different retail units, linked walkways making it easy for visitors to walk from one unit to another. STATEMENT OF ARCHITECTURAL PROBLEMS

Here, attempts will be made to state the architectural problems inherent in designing a shopping mall that plays the role as a cultural hotspot- Proper planning and design consideration to promote social activities and interaction. Designing a mall that will give identity to our culture without losing in-touch with international realities. The architecture of the mall should be edifying and a symbol of commercial power and tourism for international visitors and to the locality in which it is located. The problem of accessibility: for mall to function effectively and valued, it should be easily accessible to all and sundry, both in terms of visual accessibility and other forms of accessibility. Attention will be paid to the disabled. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

The aims and objectives of this study are as follows:
To create a state of the art architectural masterpiece in Enugu that will promote the cultural heritage of our people. To design an economically viable center.
To provide an adequate facility which will enable travelers to relax while waiting to commence their journey or after arrival. To create a complex of retail stores and related facilities planned as a unified group to...
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