Synopsis on Mobile Number Portability

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The research topic namely “A Study on Network routing method in Mobile Number Portability” is a study to understand the hottest telecommunication advancement recently implemented successfully in India on Jan 20’ 2011 . This Study will give us the idea how the Mobile Number Portability technology is working in India.

Mobile number portability enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one network operator to another.

MNP already exists in many developing and developed countries across the world. But it recently implemented in India where total number of mobile subscribers cross 45 crore mark at the end of August 2009. The move to introduce the MNP comes as the country's mobile subscriber base is expanding fast, sometimes having an impact on network quality.

The first mile stone came when The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) issued draft Regulations to facilitate Mobile Number Portability (MNP) implementation in India and submitted recommendations to DoT on 8th March 2006. Further on May 6 2009, DOT issued detailed instructions to all access providers/NLD/ILD licensees regarding provisioning of MNP. Finally, on Jan 20’ 2011, MNP successfully implemented in India.

Number Portability is applicable only to mobile users not to fixed/land line numbers.

This Study gives the attempt to understand the concepts of Mobile Number Portability technology.

There are two central clearing houses for MNP database covering North-West zones (Syniverse) and South-East zone (Telecordia). These CCH will download the MNP database in operators NPDB on daily basis. MNP will be restricted only for intra circle operators. MNP will be allowed between CDMA and GSM operators. ACQ (All Call Query) direct routing method was used to implement MNP. ACQ is also called as direct routing as donor network will not be included during entire call flow. Whenever the call is originated, the Originating n/w will query its NPDB. NPDB will acknowledge the query by adding a prefix (LRN) to the B MSISDN if the B MSISDN is ported out. Based on the prefix (LRN) the Originating n/w will route the call to the recipient n/w without involving the Donor network.

Objectives of the Study:

Primary objective:

The Primary Objective of the study is to understand the importance of MNP which enables a subscriber to switch between services, locations, or operators while retaining the original mobile number, without compromising on quality, reliability, services and operational convenience.

Secondary Objective:

• The Secondary objective of the study is to know the Procedures to switch from one service providers to another

• To study the principles used in Mobile Number Portability in other developed countries

• To study the principles used in Mobile Number Portability in India

• To findout the impact of Mobile Number Portability among the telecommunication service providers

Research Design

A Research design is purely and simply the framework and plan for the study that guides in collection and analysis of data. It is a blue print for a complete study.

Type of Research design

In this study the researcher has proposed to use both descriptive and Analytical type of research design .Descriptive type research design is used to get the opinion of respondents about existing facts and analytical type of research design is used to analyze the reasons to switch from one mobile service provider to another.

Area of Study

The research work will be carried out among...
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