Swot Analysist Sporting Goods Industry

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Nike, Inc. Pages: 8 (2108 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Parent Company| Nike Inc|
Category| Apparel and Accessories|
Sector| Lifestyle and Retail|
Tagline/ Slogan| Go Out There; Tailored by|
USP| English Football tailoring|
Segment| Apparel for athletics|
Target Group| Athletes who play football|
Positioning| Sportswear and football equipment brand|
SWOT Analysis|
Strength| 1. Presence in around 90 countries2. Enduring presence of 85 years in Manchester with launch of kits for them3. Strong management as it is a subsidy of Nike4. Strong brand equity and financial position 5. Excellent branding and advertising through|

Weakness| 1. High brand switching among customers with many other powerful sports brands available2. Limited presence in emerging economies as compared to a few other popular brands| Opportunity| 1. Product differentiation which can label the brand as fashion brand2. Tie- up with more emerging sports team3. More branding and innovation needed as it comes under Nike| Threats| 1. Fake imitations from other local brands2. Brands which offer same style at lesser cost3.Nike the parent brand is very established brand may eat the market share of Umbro| Competition|

Competitors| 1.Adidas 

Parent Company| ASICS|
Category| Apparel and Accessories|
Sector| Lifestyle and Retail|
Tagline/ Slogan| Sound mind sound body|
USP| Shoes for Sports Enthusiast|
Segment| People Enthusiastic about sports|
Target Group| Men and women from the upper middle class and upper class| Positioning| All-Sports Footwear Brand|
SWOT Analysis|
Strength| 1. Has established itself as a niche brand in sports footwear 2. Known as a leader in innovation
3. Global Presence which results in strong reach
4. Sponsorship of many international teams and players, apart from being associated with international sports events 5. Strong rd team coming up with innovative products for apparel and equipment form different disciplines| Weakness| 1.Diversification may lead to brand dilution

2.Has to first create more market and awareness in countries where sports shoes shopping is not a culture| Opportunity| 1.To increase awareness about ASICS in emerging countries 2.Integrate the e-business in the business model to increase efficiency 3.To become a market leader in this segment as there are limited well known players| Threats| 1.Substitutes available at cheaper costs

2.Increasing indirect players getting into this sports segment  3. Competitors increasing brand awareness and penetration|
Competitors| 1.Nike
3. Fila|

K Swiss|
Parent company| K swiss|
Category| Apparel - Footwear|
Sector| Lifestyle and retail|
Tagline/ slogan| Keep it pure; Partys over;|
Usp| The brand is known for their top quality running shoes| STP|
Segment| Men and women sporting casual sports apparels|
Target group| Urban men and women from upper0middle and upper class| Positioning| leading worldwide designer, marketer, and distributor of sports, fitness, and casual footwear and apparel| SWOT analysis|

Strength| 1. The brand has seen popularity since 1966.2. The brand keeps on marketing its products in innovative ways by videos and website which has led to a sudden increase in its popularity.3. The brand has a diverse portfolio including shoes for running and other sports, apparels for sports and jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, track jackets, tee shirts, caps, socks and bags  for both men and women4. The brand is known for its invention-K Swiss tubes, a light weight running shoes providing lightness and comfort.5. The customer can reach the product through various channels like departmental stores, sports shops and e commerce website.6. The brand has sports stars brand ambassadors| Weakness| 1. The company does not have its stores in developing countries like India.2.The company does not have any  long-term...
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