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1.0 The Questions
* Describe the reasons why organizations are choosing to out-source business activities.

Outsourcing is the practice of transferring business activities to an external organization instead of performing the activities internally. It is a business process performed by another company. There are some benefits of outsourcing business activities. First of all, outsourcing business activities can help to reduce the costs. For example, the cost of labor force in the western is more expensive than the eastern so that if a company hire workforce from these countries can save amount of salaries. Also, the business can reduce time to market and get a chance to open up the world market. In addition, the company can develop revenue and save internal resources. At last, the outsourcing business activities will promote the organization develop process efficiencies and improve employees’ specific capabilities or skills. As a result, outsourcing business activities can help a company to improve its superiority and develop its competitive advantage. Also, it will promote the development of the company’s market.

* Define and contrast technology, information technology and information system.

Technology is the knowledge and skills for human to use tools, machines and techniques. Also, technology can be regarded as tools and machines that belong to outcomes are invented by human. It can help to improve the society in common way. Information technology is used to store, retrieve and transmit information through computers and telecommunications. Information Technology is related to the use of computers and software to manage information. Information system has an important function which is to collect, create and distribute data in human activities through combination of hardware, software and telecommunication networks that are built by human. Information system is represented by data and in business activities, human establishes it to help to promote managers’ decision makings. In general, information system is based on information technology. Information system is a system designed to save and use data and information. An information system sometimes is composed by some different information technologies. *

* Describe why databases have become so important to modern organizations.

Data is the root and purpose of information system. A database is an application that manages data and allows fast storage and retrieval of that data. In general, a database can be regarded as a collection of records such as name, ID number, address, telephone number, and salary. Database can be divided into some different types according to the functions and usages. For a large company, it must be has a huge number of information and data to be collected and recorded. So to establish a database is an effective method to save workers’ time and workload. For example, a company can build a customer database and when managers want to find information about a customer and they just search the customer database and it is so easy to find anything they want. As a result, databases have been a convenient way to collect information and sort information in order to make easier for managers or any users to get data they want. *

* List and define three technical knowledge and/or skills core competencies.

* It is not easy for competitors to imitate.
* It can be re-used widely for many products and markets. * It must contribute to the end consumer's experienced benefits.

The first one means it is difficult for the rivals to copy the outcomes. Secondly, the core competencies can be utilized in a wider range for some different products and markets in some times. It must have superiority in the end consumer’s experienced benefits. A core competency can take some different kinds of forms which contain technical matter. It may also have the development of products or cultures, such as...
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