Tegan Hrad Write Up

Topics: Waterfall model, Agile software development, Requirements analysis Pages: 8 (3041 words) Published: August 23, 2013
The Tegan / Hrad Write-Up

SECTION 1: Was outsourcing the A/P project the right move for Tegan given the other possible alternatives?

Outsourcing has seemed to acquire a rise in popularity and usage in our modern times. Outsourcing involves entering into a contract in which an in-house company process, or processes, is ultimately handed over and dealt with from a third party’s perspective. I would have to say that there are three primary, helpful factors to outsourcing, especially when it comes to the world of business. To start off, the cost of operations can be trimmed down through outsourcing. This, in turn, would assist a corporation or business in accumulating more lucrativeness. Secondly, every organization out there has the intention of delivering top-of-the-line services and goods. Outsourcing can contribute to more efficient deliveries. Specifically concerning information technology or something that would be considered to be a bit more technical, outsourcing can bolster efficiency within that particular field of a technical nature. Thus, productivity would be improved through outsourcing. Thirdly and lastly, within a set interval of time, an establishment has the ability through outsourcing to complete projects promptly. This is due to the fact that while a third party is handling a certain progression of a certain company, that individual company can now use its human capital and employees – that may originally were going to have to deal with a peculiar development stage of a certain project which has now been outsourced – in other, more beneficial ways. More labor can be put into other areas. Yet, when concerning one’s self or a company’s self with such an area as information technology, outsourcing must be looked at with meticulous contemplation in order to guarantee the best possible outcome. Experts, on both sides of the aisle, the customer / purchaser and the outsourced business, must exhibit exemplary communication between the two of them. Both sides need to be participating constantly and engaged. Items will need to be analyzed on a constant basis. Participation and engagement will be critical again. With all of this in mind, I would have to say that the A/P project being outsourced, on the part of Tegan, was not a good move. They might have thought it was a good move, but it turned out not to be because the project bombed, especially in terms of the time interval in which it was supposed to be completed. Obviously, there were failures in regards to communication. Additionally, I think Tegan did not make available various pieces of crucial material that could have helped Hrad. Maybe if Hrad had possessed more intricate information or more information at a faster rate of speed, they could have optimized various systems and system functions by the intended due date.

SECTION 2: What are the tradeoffs involved in having the requirements analysis for a project performed by one of the firms that would ultimately bid on the project?

The main focus, concerning the requirements analysis for a project, is to figure out how a system specifically runs and how all the intricacies within that system work together. In the course of any requirements analysis process, tradeoffs must be pondered. Additionally, when an organization ultimately decides to pick that other outfit to perform whatever assignments need to be done, a thorough thought process will have to go in to that as well. A variety of tradeoffs happen based on many motives. Allow me to expand a bit. Leading off, I have to begin with cost. Cost is an essential, necessary component to undertake requirements analysis. Practically every business out there is attempting to lower costs when taking on any pursuit while simultaneously trying to extract returns at an utmost level. Therefore, if the requirements analysis method is too pricey to do it in-house, the more fitting and suitable approach would be for that business to outsource to another agency...
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