Surveillance Cameras

Topics: Privacy, Surveillance, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: December 3, 2008
Surveillance Cameras
Nadine Strossen is the authors of “Everyone is watching you” an article that its main purpose is to alert readers how our privacy rights are been violated by surveillance cameras. The article in general informs the reader of the topic right from the beginning with the title which explains a lot of the matter to discuss. The author introduces the topic very clear with the example of Eric Blair the author of “Big Brother is watching you” and how this caption relates to the matter. I have two reasons to believe that this article will not captive’s people’s attention. First, it does not give a lot of examples on the matter base on what the majority of the citizens live style is. Second yes, the article puts the problem out there but it gives no clear solution on how to fix it. To begin with, the article gives us an example of how our privacy can be invaded by intruders or the government in other words. She uses the story of Barbara Katende who discovered that a traffic camera supposable monitoring the streets was watching her while she was in her apartment with the window blinds open semi naked or naked I believe she later told her story to the New York Times. The problem I see with this example is that she is generalizing the form of living of these person and let me tell you that not all the people live in the middle of the city in between buildings and if that was the case those people know better that they wont have the privacy that a suburb for example will offer to them. Yes I do understand that some people do not like to be watch, but I believe in the phrase “if you have nothing to hide, why worry about it”. I do understand though that Barbara did not know that she was been watch; however, if I’m going to be naked around my apartment I make sure that my entire window covers are close. That it is just me I guess.

The author tells us that we should go out there and start telling department stores that we will not buy anything from them...
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