Analysis Of Privacy Under Attack

Topics: Security, Computer security, Crime Pages: 4 (778 words) Published: January 29, 2016

The issues with violations of the privacy
In the essay “Privacy Under Attack”, the authors explains that people in today’s society are experiencing violation of their privacy by the government, the companies, and the criminals.The authors explains that criminals are not only people who would violate our privacy. They explained that the government would violate the citizens privacy for citizens’ safety by usage of surveillance cameras all over the place. The government is using these to find out about the criminal activities and to prevent crimes, as the authors explained. Furthermore, the authors explained that the companies are also violating the privacy right of the citizens through spreading of the personal information that were collected...

The information that the government and the companies have taken away could be fallen into the hands of the criminals. For example, the criminals could hack into the governmental computer systems and obtain those information. Not only that the criminals could check the surveillance cameras as well, if they falsify their identity as some kind of authority. Also, the criminals can hack into the companies computers to get the information of where about of others through checking the tracking device that the companies use on their products. These tracking system that are attached to the products in the market are helpful to keep track of how much products are in stocks and help monitor to fill the stocks. But if these information is leaked then people’s locations can be known by certain criminals and might be used for some type of crime. We, as a citizen, can not trust that the government and companies are secure enough to store our information. When these criminals take such private information, they use people’s information as if it is theirs. For example, these criminals could use the card information that they might have gained from the governmental sites, that they hack into, or through looking at the surveillance cameras near ATM. Some might use such information to stock others. For instance, the stokers might gain some information through surveillance cameras and the tracking...

People are losing their privacy rights for their ease and safety of their life by the government and the companies. Moreover, these kinds of governmental actions of using surveillance cameras, tapping phones, and looking through computer activities of people, do not guarantee our safety. People are sacrificing their privacy for their safety, but there are many loop holes in these kinds of methods. I believe people need to question whether it is worth it to give away our privacy rights for their...
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