Supply Chain

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SCM 1020 (60028) Research and Case Studies
In Supply Chain Management
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o Make a reference note for contacting me at my Albany Tech e-mail address and at Please put both e-mail addresses on your correspondence(s). o An intranet café discussion area is located in the classroom for any questions or concerns that you would like to share with the class. o  In accordance with ATC, I do not accept any class work through e-mail. All work is to be submitted in the Angel classroom. If you have any problems navigating the class room please contact the help desk at 430-3559 or 430-3497. On campus, the helpdesk is in bldg A, Room 108B Prosperity Hall. o After confirming the class, read the class plan and syllabus (located in the confirm attendance folder). Review the faculty expectations and tips for online learners. If you have any questions, please post them in the Intranet Café discussion area. Other students may have the same questions. o Print out the class plan, so you have instructions for each week’s assignments. o All assignments are due by Sunday 11:55 p.m. of the last week. I will close out the weeks work immediately following the due date. If you have problems, contact me before the end of the two week period. o I will not accept students attempting to complete the entire course in the last week or two of the course. This serves as an injustice to you and what you are here for. o Please work on the logistics article throughout the Semester. Article is due Aug 8th. Grading – Assignments 90%

Logistics Article 10%

WEEK 1 May 28 – June 2
o Read the ALDI case study. Respond to the four questions below. Your responses should be a minimum of ten overall sentences in APA format. 1. What is lean production?
2. List the efficiency concepts that underpin lead production. 3. Explain why having a multi-skilled workforce...
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