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Topics: Personality psychology, Carl Jung, Case study Pages: 11 (3605 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Psychology 220 Online Psychology of Personality; Personal, Social, & Cultural Differences Three-Week Summer Session 2013 (06/17/13 – 07/03/13) Professor: Dr. Mark Akiyama Online Office Hours: Call/text @ 510-689-1383; email via WebCT or post in WebCT Discussion Section*** Please text messages only between 930am - 930pm Email: Please use the WebCT email- I check daily during the 3-week summer session Online Course Access All course materials can be accessed through DVC WebCT @: To log-in, you will need the following information: a) Password: Your Date-of Birth (Format: 00/00/00) b) Log-in: DVC Student ID # Please note: Other than the assigned exam dates, there are no specific “times” your are required to be online- however I recommend checking on the class 5 or more per week for updates, reminders and emails from me. If this is your first online class, I HIGHLY recommend your read page #8 of the syllabus that covers tips for success in online classes.

Required Materials (DVC Bookstore): 1. Shultz & Ashcraft. Psychology of Personality: Personal, Social & Cultural Differences. Schultz & Ashcraft. Cengage Learning*** @ DVC Bookstore *** This is a custom printing of the 2 textbooks below: th a. Schultz and Schultz. Theories of Personality (9 Ed.). Cengage Learning th b. Ashcraft. Personality Theories Workbook (5 Ed.). Cengage Learning *** These required course texts (a & b) can also be purchased as separate textbooks online. Note- You can purchase earlier editions of the texts- however the student is responsible for inconsistencies in information and assignments. Course Overview Welcome to Psychology of Personality; Personal, Social, & Cultural Differences! Personality psychology is the scientific study of individual differences. The study of personality includes multiple theoretical perspectives to the question of “why” we are similar and different to other individuals. For example, Sigmund Freud theorized that overt human behavior was largely driven by conflicting unconscious processes and early childhood experiences. On the other hand Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow emphasized the importance of our subjective experience in the world, the integration of self-concept and the universal process of self-actualization. This three-week online class will consist of studying PowerPoint lectures, assigned readings, and short homework assignments. Lecture topics will parallel and relate to the information covered in the textbook, but will not always duplicate the textbook. Weekly homework assignments will be used to expand on and clarify concepts from the book, so completing reading assignments in a timely fashion will significantly enhance your ability and speed in completing the homework. Online exams will cover material from PowerPoint lectures and the textbook readings; therefore checking-on the website for updates on WebCT(homepage; email; discussion section), accessing lecture notes, and keeping up on readings is crucial for success in this 3 week class. There are also weekly extra credit assignments that can significantly boost your final letter grade for the course! Please note that other than the scheduled exam dates/times there are no formal days and times you need to be online. As mentioned above, reading the assigned chapters, studying the lectures slides, and following the assigned homework/extra credit assignment schedule are the surest way to do well in both the weekly homework assignments and exams. Student Learning Outcomes 1. Compare and apply theories used to explain behavior and mental processes. 2. Articulate and evaluate the source, context, strengths, and limitations of various personality theorists. 3. Evaluate discrepancies between theoretical constructs and empirical data, in order to compare psychological explanations varying across cultural and temporal contexts.


Psychology 220 Online Dr. Akiyama Summer 2013

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