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Summary: American Jerk

By wavyd Dec 04, 2013 375 Words
Jane Doe
Dr. Brown
Composition I
Summary: American Jerk
The literature known as “American Jerk” written by Todd Schwartz from Oregon Humanities is considered in my opinion a controversial essay. I contemplate Todd Schwartz to having a dead-eye when stating his outlook on our very way of life. No line goes uncrossed when it comes to Mr. Schwartz 2009 written piece, explaining much about our national controversies’ such as politics, economical struggles, home life, and social media. The ballsy essayist even goes as far as to step in the shallow waters of American of subjects such as off-color racism joke, and U.S minority topics. Todd Schwartz truly defines an American Jerk.

Todd is an American Jerk with good reason. He knows what everybody would describe us U.S citizens as a whole, in both domestic and foreign party’s opinion. He knows that America is blind to the fact that what we called “entertainment” (reality television, slasher movies, video games, online porn, cell phones etc.) is actually the death to our youth’s population. His writing will open your eyes to what American society has turned into over the past 15 years or so. From his observations Todd can also interpret the future of our great and powerful nation taking historic references from past power house nations such as Rome. He quoted, “America is in the same position as Rome found itself in about 420 CE, meaning that we’ve reached the peak of our civilization.” An analysis such as his on an American doomsday would consider being as good as a team of politics and history professors. All roads seem to lead to an American Jerk foretold prophecy. Odom 2

In conclusion, I contemplate Todd Schwartz writing to be controversial, yet informative. People need to hear a little hard criticism on current events, even if those events are socially dealing with them as a person. He wasted no expense of literacy in this essay and hit every point of problem in America today. Being well aware of our country’s problem he also realizes that he is to blame for these trends of new age technology use as well as the rest of us are. Todd Schwartz “American Jerk” is an essay deemed a necessity to read.

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