The Ugly American

Topics: Cold War, Soviet Union, United States Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: September 27, 2012
The Ugly American

by: Eugene Burdick

The novel takes place in the 1950's during the cold war when the United Sates and the Soviet Union struggle in supremacy across the world. It takes place in Sarkhan, a country in South East Asia, that’s has a population approximately 18 to 20 million people. The government of Sarkhan is a rather shaky, communist filled world. Sarkhan tries to stay an independent country that doesn't want to be bothered. It is over powered by communism and struggles to find any type of it seems to co-exist.

Louis Sears is the ambassador of Sarkhan. He assumes his post as a stopgap. Within three years in the Senate and an anticipated federal judgeship with a long tenure, he is simply filling in time gaps in a cushy job with a large entertainment budget and extravagant living conditions in a country he never heard of, and with useless people he considers "little monkeys."A hostile cartoon character of him comes out in the local newspaper and he becomes furiously upset. Sears complains about the cartoon to Prince Ngong, who is the head of the Sarkhanese government. Ngong is afraid that the U.S. loan could be in jeopardy so he ordered the newspaper to make a flattering cartoon of Sears and a editorial about him. Later on he is proven to be another "ugly american" that American's try not to be.

John Colvin, an American dairy farmer is recovering in the hospital because he beaten up. Colvin was beaten up because he was trying to help out the Sarkhanese how to use milk and it by-products. He also set up a milk distribution center for them outside of the city's capitol Haidho. He was betrayed by his old friend, Deong who later turned communist. Deong tells a group of Sarkhanese women that Colvin tried to drug in the milk he was supplying. The drug would allow him to take advantage of the Sarkhanese women almost like today's common "date rape drug." Colvin tried to deny he didn't drug the milk, but the Sarkhanese women didn't...
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