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What legacy did Sulla leave to Rome? And to history?

Through his time as a General of Rome and a Roman dictator Sulla left behind a legacy of fear and failure, a multitude of problems. Sulla is said to be a contributing factor of the fall of the Roman Empire and had changed Roman history forever.

Fear was one of the main characteristics Sulla brought out in the people of the Roman Empire it was his legacy and is said to have been reasons for much change after his retirement in 79 BCE. Sulla through his military background as a roman general found great success against romans, barbarians and other empires. Most memorable is when he conquered the Marion’s in Spain. Through his successes Sulla gained must needed popularity amongst his own people and his own troops but more importantly inflicted fear in his enemy’s eyes. He showed to be ruthless in his attacks and as shown through the example where he was the first man to enter the city of Rome with his army by his side, which was a major transgression because in roman religion you weren’t allowed to carry weapons with you inside. This kind of ruthlessness is seen to be passed on to his predecessors more specifically Pompey. When we see how he also confronts Rome with his army by his side as he asks for consulship to be granted. Sulla was also the first man to persecute and execute thousands of his political opponents, which brought across fear to anyone who would oppose him. This shows us that fear was a major factor to which made him so powerful and lead to severe failure, which created his legacy.

Failure was a major flaw that helped create Sulla’s legacy. This began when Sulla started gaining to much power through the fear he put on all of his opposing political opponents. Once Sulla gained the dictatorship he decided to codify and institutionalise the cursus Honorum. By creating a set of rules which disabled the powers of the tribunes, in order to set the senate up as the sovereign governing body in...
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