Marius's Impact On Romans

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Marius Marius was a very influential and strong general during the time of the romans. Although he had good military tactics, his time as a statesman was different he was ill equipped to be a statesman. He wasn't smart and did not have good impacts on the roman people. He was covered up in (as plutarch states) “ smoke screen of moralizing”. Gaius Marius was born of a poor family and when the Romans invaded their village the drafted him as a soldier he was showing a great deal of valor and bravery. He was then called to the roman consul and was anointed an officer. Marius never had the same morals as most romans, he grew up in poverty with no guidance his guidance was built upon warcraft. He had no education but had good tactics.His first military deployment was against the celtiberians when scipio africanus was besieging numantia. He was a recruit at the time of this battle and the general at the time was attracting the general's attention because he was showing bravery and the other soldiers were more scared about losing their life. What made the general honor mauritius with a rank up was when he saw him kill an enemy …show more content…
The rich hated him but the poor loved how he would bash the government and loved when he used his words against them. Metellus was enraged when he heard that marius was coming to Africa he did not want to meet with him. He was angry and jealous of his fame while he had to stay and fight. He was also angry at the way Marius treated Jugurtha. Mariuses Bad Karma finally kicked in and Sulla didn't let Marius complete the final victory and get all the fame. This is what happened to Metellus too. Jugurtha was crippled with his nation and seeked refuge with his son in law and his son in law mailed Marius and said he was willing to surrender. Marius was going to betray or not but decided against to betray him and brought Jugurtha back to Rome

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