sugar affect on world economy

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Ever since the 1400s, the production of sugar has influenced the world economy, governments and social structure. Sugar put people in motion throughout the world for the purpose of building wealth, with unattended consequences of building global connections that still remain today and facilitating cultural diffusion.The reason people wanted sugar was that to them it was known as "white gold". It was referred as this because it was the first product in human history that satisfied the desire of sweetness.

In the 1400s Spain and Portugal were competing to exploring down the coast of Africa and find a sea route to Asia.They did this so they could have the prized Asian spices without having to pay high prices to Venetian and Muslim middlemen.One of these explorers was well known because he traded with sugar"white gold".His name was Christopher Columbus.

By 1753, British ships were taking an average of 34,250 slaves from Africa every year, and by 1768, that number had reached 53,100.The slaves were used to produce sugar. Cane sugar was the first product to satisfy humans desire for sweetness so it had a global demand. This would have a big impact on the people of Africa because as the demand for sugar grew so will the need for people to produce it. This meant that more Africans were slaves.

Sugar also had an economic change in England. Since England needed a low cost way to produced it made factories. England was the first country in the world to shift from making most of its money in traditional places, such as farms, mines, or mall shops to factories. England figured out a way to build machines and how to organize workers so that they could run the machines.This changed how people worked, workers had to leave their homes and they had to work together in long shifts, only taking breaks when allowed.

Africans were the heart of the great change in economy due to sugar. Africans were the true global citizens, adjusting to a new land, a new religion, even to...
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