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Successful Career Needs Good Career Skills

By koulei Feb 05, 2012 724 Words
successful career needs good
communication skills



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It would be hard to do much in this life for very long without some good career skills. In my opinion, good career skills include communication skills, good writing, composing smart business messages and other career skills, which definitely contribute to successful career. “We communicate in every social context-in the heat of intense conflict, in the warmth of an intimate exchange, and even in the chill of a faded relationship”(John,2006). There is no doubt that good communication skills are of utmost importance in the workplace. It is necessary so that each one understands what everyone else is doing to accomplish the work successfully. By developing good relationships with your coworkers, it is much easier to resolve problems, difficulties and tasks together and cooperate effectively to get the job done, based on the trust. On the other hand, good communication needs your verbal and nonverbal messages consistent. If you say one thing and nonverbally communicate the opposite, you are likely to create confusion and distrust. For instance, if you are trying explain why you did not get a report in on time to your boss and you look down at the floor while you are talking to her /him rather than maintain eye contact, the boss might be less likely to believe you, even though you may have had a legitimate reason for being late with the report. No matter what industry you work in or what job you do, effective communication skills are vital to avoid misunderstandings and bad feeling. It is essential for your successful career. Writing is an important aspect of interpersonal communication that bring about “wonderful results-examples are through a job interview, a symposium, or an essay for admitting into college. Often such strengths predict a successful career, having the opportunity to work with upstanding people. One door opening sometimes lead to another”(Jennifer 2005). You need good writing skills for cover letters, resumes, articles, essays, speeches, and the like. The one thing that makes each form of communication unique is the rhythm and the flow. Writing can delivery your personality with correct grammar. Developing effective writing skills is critically important to advancing your career or profession. If you write well, it is the way ahead of others on all career paths. For example, resume and cover letter writing is one of the most important things you would ever do for your career. How to get your resume to stand out and grab an employer’s attention depend on your writing skills. Better writing skills can land you the dream job because the HR managers are looking for professional writing. One the other hand, a poorly written memo, letter or e-mail can leave important people ambiguous or ill feelings. Not only can the bad writings received be perceived differently than the intended message, but your reader forms opinions that may have long lasting effects for your career. Composing smart business messages is the other key skills to build your successful career. No matter what kind of business messages you are writing, reader could make judgments about your education, attitude, and attention to detail. In other words, your writing can be your first impression. By composing good business message, you can accurately describe situations without letting your bias show through. On the other hand, bad composing may let others perceive you or your business to be unprofessional. Furthermore, if your readers think your writing to be poor, they might not trust you and your company. You might have the best idea in the world, or your company might have the best produces and service , if your business messages were made below par, others will shy away. Technology has changed our society in many ways, but it is still true that communication and writing say a great deal about our education and attitudes. To conclude, the good communication ,effective writing , smart business message composing and other career skills coupled with the desire to learn, are the best preparation for career and life that any of us can possess.

* Jennifer, L. S. (2005) The importance of effective communication skills. Retrieved August 12,2010, from * John W.S. (2006). Individual and society. (pp.203)

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