Success to Learning English

Topics: Time, Present, English language Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: September 18, 2010
Success to learning English

At the present time, English language is an international language that whole people are using very day. English is important language for today. Such as, communicating, using continue study, and so on. I remember that, I have studied English since I was primary school. There are ways that lead to success in learning English; attending in class, reviewing lesson, and practicing for real situation.

English is difficult language because we are not native speaker. So, it is necessary for attending in class. If there are any questions that we are not understand, we should be ask teacher suddenly. Furthermore, we should to do exercises by ourselves. Don’t be copy form other people. It makes better English skills quickly. If we intend seriously in the class, we will understand and get good grades. There is nothing difficult over our intention.

When we are not native speaker, there are many time that forget English. Hence, we always review English. Such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Those of all are very important skills that we often review because we will not forget the lesson. Nowadays, there are a lot of websites that we can learn English. It is convenient because we can learn English everywhere and we must not lose money to buy book. Moreover, there are the mp3 for listening music. We can add files about English music or English conversation for listening them accent. We have to spend time for learning English and give it part of our life.

There is the most important thing that leads to success learning English that it often practices English. Practicing is a good way to be better in communication because we can practice in real situation. So, we are necessary to make many foreigner friends for speaking together. Especially, we should speak English with friend all the time for improving English skills. Besides, we could not shy to practice English because it makes poor English skills. It is like studying...
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