Success of the Hotel

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A. Explain the following questions listed below.
1. If you were the executive committee of a hotel, what kinds of things would you be doing to ensure the success of the hotel? Guest satisfaction. Collect feedbacks from e-mails, surveying, in order to picture all the customer’s wants, needs and demands. By this, we will have the idea of what they want to experience during their stay in our hotel. This will follow the development of each and every department.In our principles of marketing when I was in second year, our professor Dr. Josephine E. Tocloy taught us about job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment. This could be one of the solution for employees satisfaction. Also treating the hotel staff fair, giving them full training, listening and responding to their difficulties about work. In order to have all of this, to give quality and superior service to ensure the success of the hotel teamwork is the key. And most important of all leadership.For the subordinates or staff to participate, cooperate, and give their hearts in their work, the leaders should provide inspiring vision, make strategic directions that are understood by all and to instill values that guide subordinates. 2. Briefly define the purpose of a hotel. Why is it important to emphasize with the culture of guests? The main purpose of a hotel is to provide lodging accommodations. Culture can be an important consideration for the guest when checking in a hotel. Every cultures have different practices. You might want to consider some to take advantage of competitors that doesn’t have what the guest need of want that you have. Your competitors also provide lodging accommodations but do they also provide the services for the other cultures that you have? 3. List the main responsibilities of the front office manager. * Schedule her employees according to seasonality, business volume, available staff in hand. * Recruitment and discharge of staff in conjunction...
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