success factors

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Fulfilling your growth potential
As a leader, are you maximizing your growth potential will be determined by how comfortable or stretched do you feel in your current role? People act and work differently based on their culture, thinking, upbringing, personality, competency, and of course genes etc. At the same time education and practice continue to have an impact on intellect. Myth: IQ for an individual is fixed. Most experts now agree that it is not the case and genes require input from environment to develop properly for development of IQ.
As a leader, how do you handle failure? Do you enjoy a challenge, does it drive you or does it pull you down? Do you get excited to see a challenge or does it instil a fear of failure? While handling a challenge, do you think you are failing or do you view it as a learning opportunity? Your perspective on taking up a challenge will determine both the outcome of the task as well as your own personal development as a leader. If you are not stretching yourself, should you expect to grow?
But unfortunately that is not how society views failure. And this varies from one country to the other, one culture to another and one organization to another. This in fact starts from the primary school itself, when we can either encourage our kids to accept challenges & embrace failure or alternately propagate the safe confines of succeeding at all costs. And that is the reason why people who start the smartest may not necessarily end the smartest. To become the person you desire to be, your psychology makes a big difference. We see repeatedly in classrooms, careers, and relationships that people want to look smart, they want to succeed at all costs, dislike losing and fear failure. And we as organizations and society perpetuate this thinking.
How do you as a Leader view failure and is your organization encouraging failure? This is primarily going to determine if you will be able to foster a culture of innovation in the organization and

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