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By mat1994 Mar 17, 2013 693 Words
When we hear about the word succeed , all of us just remember rough and hard road we have to pass, but is that really enough rough to pass? Human kind in their problems and difficulties divide in two groups, the one who always put the blame on everythings except themselves and they call themselves unlucky, and the ones who always put the blame on themselves and clarify that if they start something they have just 2 choices death or succeed. All the people are alive for their wishes they define it as a richness, being important enough and well-known in the world, or having a good family or maybe having a good girlfriend or boyfriend, graduate from their dreamy university, work for a specific person or in special place and etc. each of these consider as a success for them and try to reach these things. In my privacy I always think about it and I believe that everyone has their own way and has their own definition of this word ,I believe that this world is just the reflect of our thoughts but in their own special way, in here I want to talk about some tips that I find in my own. I think there is no philosophy behind this subject except our thoughts and also our definition in other word if we just concentrate in specific thing, I think we have just some steps to make them trough at first get rid of the negative energy of cant , this simple word may stop us from even start something, all of us don’t consider negative energy seriously, but it is important , how? The answer is :sometimes we think about something unnecessary without thinking about the result of them ,and we don’t know that this thought influence us and stand in front of us as an obstacle we can't go through because something doesn’t allow us to progress when we believe something is wrong or it is out of our reach so how can we do it, because of this I think that the most important part is to get rid of this negative energy. secondly make strong emotion of willing and always tell ourselves that I want it and I can do it. In other word I define it as positive energy ,in this step ,we have to imagine ourselves in that exact situation that we want ,and then see what will we do there , it seems hilarious but it is free for you, just try. Thirdly now it is time to start, try as hard as possible without thinking about the result, separate your wish into very small pieces and think that we have to eat this small slices , so start eating them piece by piece, in this step we try to do the best just maybe we face to many hindrances and important things is this, that this things won't do anything we just continue . And just one more thing that I must mention to, Have you ever seen that many successful persons are unhappy about their accomplishments and why? We have to be aware about our desires whenever I saw them I define for myself their behavior because of limitless desires of our kind, wishes we always have , but what is the problem of it you know human kind as soon as find something that they wish for realize that we want more or nevertheless another things . this is because of human s instinct, we always want more and more , unstoppable desire. That I think we had better take care of passion. so in my idea philosophy of succeed is trying hard as possible ,human being can reach to universe by two things imagining and trying , and the one who follow this pattern , they will succeed I believe that if someone truly want something it is not important that what is that what he or she has to do, they shut their eyes and open that and see his or her request in front of them, simple way want and try together so they will reach their wishes so let's make the world easier for ourselves .

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