Where there is a Will There is a Way

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 Where There is A Will There Is A Way

There is nothing impossible in this world. With a strong will one can do wonders. The power of human will is ex­traordinary. At first sight many tasks may seem impos­sible of accomplishment and many are frightened away. Only a few have the necessary strength of will to pursue their goal; only they know what it is to struggle towards their ideal.. If one has a strong will, he can, for sure, make the impossible possible. No matter how tough the situation is, he will get through it, only, if he has a strong will..

A Story On ‘’ Where There is A Will There Is A Way ’’

There lived a girl named Alice, in Charlottesville. Alice also had a younger sister named Lacie.Alice was 8 years old while Lacie was 5.One morning, since her father was out working,Alice’s mother asked her to go out to the market and buy some vegetables.While she was on her way to the market,she saw kids who were around her age going somewhere with bags around their shoulders.Alice wondered where they were going.She assumed they were going to the market just like herself,but again,she thought to herself ‘’Why would they all wear the same clothes,if they were going to the market?’’. As alice was a curious girl,she couldn’t stop herself from going up to the kids and asking them ‘’ Where Are You Going?’’ and ‘’ Why are dressed up like that?’’. The kids replied ‘’ Where are we going?of course,we’re going to school.You’re weird. ’’ As they shoved Alice aside. Upon doing so, she fell into the puddle that was behind her. As a result, Alice was covered in dirt. Instead of being angry at them, she instead wondered why they would do such a thing. She got up and continued to make her way to the market. She returned from the market after a few minutes.Alice put the grocery bag on the kitchen table as her mother shook Alice by shoulders and yelled at her ‘’ ALICE,WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!??!’’ ‘’I was worried sick about you! Are you alright?’’ ‘’ I’m alright mama ‘’ Alice replied. Tears streamed down Alice’s mother’s cheeks as she hugged her daughter and asked her ‘’ what happened honey, why are you covered in mud??Did you fall along the way?’’ Alice wanted to tell her mother about the kids she saw but as she did not want to trouble her mother she just nodded her head in silence.

She used to tell her younger sister, Lacie about ‘’ the kids who wear the same clothes ‘’ as that was what she used to call them whenever she saw them. One day, Curiosity got the better of Alice, and so she finally decided to ask her mother about ‘’the kids who wear the same clothes’’. She finally gathered the courage to ask her mother about them; she went up to her mother’s room and asked her mother why they were wearing the same clothes and why they were carrying big bags and what is SCHOOL, Her mother replied ‘’ School is a place where people learn about new things and play and make friends. ‘’ After hearing this, Alice asked her mother ‘’ then, why am I not going to school? I also want to make friends and learn about new things! Mama, can I please go to school?? ‘’ Her mother became really sad after hearing this. Blinking away her tears, she answered ‘’Alice honey, you can’t go to school right now..’’ ‘’ Then I can go after a few days?? ‘’ Alice replied excited. ‘’No dear, you cannot go to school.. .’’ ‘’Why can I not go to school, mama?’’ Alice asked innocently. ‘’ It’s because…. ‘’ Her mother could not complete the sentence. Alice understood. Even though she was young, she understood. She started to well up tears. She ran out of the room. Alice’s mother was ashamed of herself. She could not believe that she did not even think of her daughter’s needs and just blindly carried on with her own life, while ignoring her daughter’s.

Her mother decided to talk with her husband that night. Later that night, when Alice’s father came back from work, Alice’s mother went up to him and talked to him about Alice. Alice’s father was angered a lot by this....
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