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Jennifer Sensenig
Professor Bruce Ramsey

Suburgatory Commercials

First premiering on September 28, 2011, Suburgatory is now on its second season being renewed for a third season. On Wednesdays, from 9:30 pm- 10:00 pm, this show is about a single father, George Altman, who moved his precious daughter from the big city of Manhattan to a small suburban neighborhood of Chatswin in order to give her a better life. This teenager, Tessa Altman, feels trapped in this neighborhood of “plastics” by trying to navigate through her new surroundings while maintaining her own city identity (Appendix A). The background of this television series helps give an understanding of the type of commercials played throughout the show.

The commercials presented during this show airing on September 6, 2013, were about cars, fashion, cell phones and coverage providers, a cruise, and food. With the coming of tax season, car sales tend to increase during this time increasing the amount of advertising about them giving them two advertisements during this television show. Both Volkswagen Passat and the Crystler 300 series shared the same themes of having an up-coming event. Volkswagen Passat is having, “The Sprintoberfest Event” and Crystler 300 series states, “Hurry in for great offers at the showcase event.” Fashion on the other hand has a theme of saving and buying things that are fashion forward. Marshalls famous saying is “Never pay full price for fabulous” while JcPennys stated “Truly yours” in their advertisement. Lens Crafters advertised more towards savings and less on fashion by advertising, “The Semi-Annual Sale.” Another set of commercials during this time deals with cell phones and coverage providers. The new Droid RazrMaxx HD had two commercial spots while Verizon and AT&T only had one. Both of the service providers shared a theme of saving. Verizon stated, “Never have to surrender the things that matter” meaning basically pay...

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