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Programme Structure

MAJOR (82 credits) I.
Common Subjects for all Awards Core Non-Business Subjects (6 subjects, 16 credits)

ELC2203 University English for Business Students
ELC3203 Workplace English for Business Students
CBS2080 Fundamentals of Chinese Communication
2 General Education (GE) subjects
 China Studies
 Broadening GE
MM2053 Business Skills Development Core Business Subjects (13 subjects, 39 credits)

AF2108 Financial Accounting
AF2110 Management Accounting 1
AF2504 Introduction to Business Law
AF2601 Introduction to Economics
AF2602 Global Economics Environment
AF3313 Business Finance
LGT2105 Quantitative Methods for Business
LGT3105 Operations Management
MM2021 Management & Organization
MM2422 Managing Business Information Systems & Applications
MM2711 Introduction to Marketing
MM4311 Strategic Management
MM4513 Corporate Social Responsibility II.
Specialization for BBA (Hons) in Marketing Specialist Subjects (7 subjects, 21 credits)
MM3711 Integrated Marketing Communications
MM3721 Consumer Behaviour
MM3761 Marketing Research
MM3782 Marketing Channel Management
MM4732 Global Marketing
MM4751 Marketing Strategy
MM4772 Product Management
Elective Subjects (any 2 subjects, 6 credits) MM3441 WWW Publishing
MM3771 Further Marketing Research
MM3791 Retailing and Merchandising 冇開
MM3841 Internet Marketing
MM4151 Gender and Organizations----------------[4] 冇開
MM4191 Business Negotiation----------------------[4] 冇開
MM4391 Management Practice Through Real World Projects 冇開
MM4411 E-Commerce for Management---------------[4](今sem冇)
MM4421 Business Plan for E-Business-----------------【4】(好多group)
MM4711 Business to Business Marketing--------------【4】冇開
MM4721 Marketing Management in China------------[4]
MM4741 Market Decision Analysis-------------------【4】(太夜:330-630)
MM4761 Marketing Symposium-----------------------【4】冇開
MM4781 Sales

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