Studymode Assignment 205 task A 2

Topics: Standard of care, Law Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: June 25, 2015
 Andrew Smith
3 Copperfield close, Malton, North Yorkshire. YO17 7YN Dear John,

Hi it’s Andy here,
I am writing to you today following our recent conversation, with regards to you becoming a Support Worker. If you do decide to work within the industry you will have a duty of care to the clients in your care, and this is a legal requirement. All companies have to follow these policies and procedures ,as this ensures that you have your clients best interests at heart. These procedures are put in place to ensure that the clients are not hurt in any way,or treated unfairly.This could include the client been discriminated against, neglected or taken advantage of in a number of ways. You must always ensure that the care you give your client, is given in a safe manor, and according to National standards. You should always treat your client as an individual, with individual needs. And their privacy should be respected at all times. You must also ensure that you don’t neglect your client, even if unintentional, by forgetting a hospital appointment or to administer medications prescribed to them in accordance to protocol etc . The company that you work for should have their own policies and procedures, as my employer does. You must adhere to these as they are generally a legal requirement, put in place to protect your clients and also yourself. Whilst I am at work I must treat every client as an individual. It is my...
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