Studying Abroad

Topics: Second language, Foreign language, Study abroad Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Once peoplemgraduste high school, they usually want to exoloremthe world before going to a colage. Bt studying abroad can provide a n excelent opportunity for these students. Studing abroad allows students to visit and explore the world while also studying.  Studying abroad can have many great benefits as well as some downfalls. Some of the benefit s include increasing foreign language capabilities, meeting people who have the same interest,  and having a great start on your future.While studying abroad, people oftentimes find themselves ina country that doesn't speak his or her first language. Therefore studying abroad will allow that person to greatly increase their ability to communicate with others that speak a different language. Being in a country that speaks your second language will surround you with people that speak that language. Immersing oneself in a foreign language will help them retainin the language much beter.  And if a person has a prior knowlage of the language hey will be abel to use words in communication that are not taught in the text books. Once having learned a second language, most jobs will see this as a great advantage,  especially if the job requires talking to other people, such as a cashier or a real estate agent. Studying abroad will increase a persons knowledge of a second language and therefore increase their chance of getting a better job.Another great advantage to studying abroad is meeting new people that may have the same interests as you. This can lead to life long friendships, business partners, and even a relationship with a class mate. Some people, when studying abroad, find a family to house them while they learn. Sometimes hese families are family to the student and sometimes just a random family opening up their home so a student could learn. People studying abroad sometimes find friendships with their classmates since they already have established some common ground. If students are studying busines then they might...
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