Studying Overseas vs Locally

Topics: Higher education, Education, Student Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: July 23, 2013
I strongly agree that sending students for overseas education is a waste of money. I do not doubt that everything that is related to education worth more than just money. In fact, the more educated an individual is, the more money he can gain by making use of his knowledge. However, it is not about money that being spent but actually based on how determined an individual actually is to make their dreams come true. To clear things off, those unemployed university graduate are basically jobless because of either their low qualification, or the increasingly number of degree holder recently which would not be able to make them stand out. As for the rest higher education graduate, they managed to secure their particular job according to their result. Hence, sending students for overseas education is really a waste of money.

As students being sent to overseas, their perspective probably gets wider which consequently enable them to broaden their mind and level up their point of view. But when they are staying at a foreign country, they would have a chance to get to know their culture which can be taboo for them. The longer time they are studying there, the more things they are exposed to, thus there is a possibility that they will be influenced. As it is always be claimed that all of the students will have culture shock in the beginning, this problem will be overcome if it is being faced by a stronger individual. Teenagers nowadays have become easily influenced, so is students who are mostly at their teen age. Worst still, when it happens to students who do not have a firm grip to their dogma that they should hold onto.

The next point is that it does not mean we do not have any educated or professional lecturer here in Malaysia. It is obviously that no one would be able to become a lecturer without fulfilling the required qualification. We should not jump into a conclusion that local higher education institution is not good just because there is no famous higher...
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