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study local and abroad

By hte123 May 01, 2015 528 Words
• Education is a never-ending learning
process that has been a part of our
• Good education will bring us bright
future. Recently, many students
continue their studies in Taiwan,
Hong Kong and Singapore.
• Many of them consider study aboard
is a better option. Nevertheless,
study local and abroad have their
own uniqueness.


• First and foremost,study local can save
our money. We don’t have to worry about
the currency exchange.
• Generally, if we study local, government
will subsidy part of the tuition fees like
PTPTN hence the expenses is much
• Besides, accommodation’s cost is saved
because we are able to stay with family.


• Second, we don’t have to worry about
the language problem.
• We don’t have to spend much times for
learning another foreign language. So
we can fully focus on our studies instead
of learning new language.
• We can spend our leisure time with
family and friends.


• In comparison,study local doesn’t have
as many choices of university.
• In some cases, the specific course you
are looking for may not be available at
local universities or colleges and this
becomes the reason why students
study abroad.


• Furthermore, if we study local, that means
we are staying in our house.
• We don’t have to worry about houseworks
and food. Because parents have wellprepared for us.
• Thus, we don’t have opportunity to
become more independent and self


• On the other hand, if we study abroad, we
could learn to be independent.
• No friends and family members are being
with us , therefore we need to take care and
do all the housework by ourselves.
• For example, we have to prepare meals and
wash our own clothes. It is good for us to be
independent at an earlier stage.


• Furthermore, we could experience
foreign culture.
• We could communicate with foreigners
to learn more about that country such as
the history, culture and the habits of the
• This special experience could broaden
our minds and hence make us have a
better understanding of the world.


• On the contrary, study abroad means
being away from home so feeling
homesick is common, and if leave
• it can potentially spiral into something
negative such as depression.


• Study abroad is very expensive. Different
countries have different currency rate.
• Usually, when we convert our currency to
others currency, our value will become
• So, we cannot afford the high
transportation expenditures if study


• Moreover, we may not adapt to a new
• The lifestyle between two countries is
different such as food, culture, weather
and living styles.
• It may be entirely different from where
they are used to live in. It is not easy for
us to change our lifestyle in a sudden.

• All in all, both of them have their pros and
cons. In my opinion, I prefer studying local
to studying abroad.
• The main reason is studying local much
more cheaper than studying abroad.
• Then, I am familiar with our surroundings.
• Lastly, I don’t have to spend time to learn
new language.

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