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Local study
In this study I will research the provision for Table Tennis in my local area, Barnet. Grass Roots
Most of the schools in Barnet will teach Table Tennis in their PE lessons (1). Most secondary schools’ will also offer Table Tennis clubs at lunchtime and after school (2). Outside of school the private sector has a number of clubs and coaches in Barnet which provide grass roots training sessions (3). E.g. Barnet Table Tennis Centre organises beginner ‘taster’ session everyday (4). The Public sector provides the facilities for people to be able to access Table Tennis. E.g. local parks have Table Tennis tables which are free to use. First Elite

In schools there are internal school competitions, and borough competitions between schools (5). These provide students with the opportunity to play competitive matches. You can also be selected to represent Barnet in the London Youth Games (6). Outside of school there are a number of tournaments organised by the English Table Tennis Association (ETTA). Briefly explain the tournaments, you need to speak Bhavin!!!! Private Sector

The private sector provides the clubs coaching for Table Tennis (7). The two main Table Tennis clubs in Barnet are; London Table Tennis Academy and Barnet Table Tennis Centre. You can join either of these clubs and pay to go to coaching/training sessions. The coaches at the club will also offer player the opportunity for 1; 1 training sessions and camps during the school holidays (8). Case study – Bhavin the coach of London table tennis academy Bhavin is a professional coach for Table Tennis in London Academy School. He organises training session and coaches on a regular basis using the school facilities/equipment. London Table Tennis Academy which is his club runs sessions on a Thursday and Friday evening, which all players pay £3 to play for the entire evening. Bhavin will also organise Table Tennis Camps during the school holidays. For example during October ½ term there was a camp held at London Academy School between 10-4pm every day. Bhavin has become a table tennis coach from greenhouse charity.

Public sector
The main provision from the public sector is the renting of facilities and equipment. There are a number of local leisure centres, in Barnet where anyone can hire a table to play Table Tennis (9). E.g. Burnt oak, Hendon, and Copthall Leisure Centre all have table for rent (10). There are also a number of parks in Barnet which have Table Tennis tables for the public use free of charge (11). Voluntary Sector

Many coaches work at Table Tennis clubs on a voluntary basis (12). The clubs need extra coaches to help deliver their training session and also volunteers to help organise club fixtures and transport children to tournaments. While often clubs will charge a fee to a player, this cost will not go to the coaches but to cover the cost of hiring the facility or tournament entry. Case Study –Volunteering.

A fellow student called Kayode; volunteers at London Table Tennis Academy. Kayode will assist the head coach in delivering training sessions. Kayode also helps set up internal table tennis competitions which would take place in London academy sports hall. Kayode has learnt and gained a lot of experience from coaching and helping out at the club. Volunteers have also been directed to get qualification in UKCC coaching award.

Most secondary schools’ in Barnet will offer pupils the opportunity to gain their Sports leaders level 1 coaching qualification. To gain a coaching qualification specific to Table Tennis you need to attend a coaching course, delivered by English Table Tennis Association (ETTA). The level 1 award allows those who are successful to plan and deliver basic table tennis coaching activities, normally under the direct supervision of a more qualified coach. I did my UKCC level 1 qualification in November; The ETTA also offer higher coaching awards to develop your coaching further. (13)

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