Study to Assess the Role of Delivery Methods in Dispute Generation and Resolution

Topics: Architect, Project management, Construction Pages: 18 (8095 words) Published: October 24, 2014
TERM PAPER CONSTRUCTION CLAIM MANAGEMENT (CE545) (INTERIM REPORT) Submitted ByMentor Zuhairuddin Dr. Rizwan Ul Haque Farooqui Table of Content Title Page 1 Table of Contents 2 INTRODUCTION Scope 3 Objective 3 Methodology 3 Expected Results 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Nature of Research 4 Research Methodology 4 Research Instrument 4 Population of the Study 4 The Sampling Frame 5 Sample Design 5 Analytical Techniques 5 PROJECT DELIVERY METHODS Design Bid Build 6 Design Build 7 Construction Management at Risk 9 Built Operate Transfer 9 CONCERNS WHILE SELECTING DELIVERY METHODS Owners Requirements 12 Contracting Alternatives 13 DISPUTES IN PROJECT DELIVERY METHODS Intrinsic Disputes in Delivery Methods 14 Conflicts between Owners, Designers and Contractors 15 Factors Associated to Construction Disputes 16 SUMMARY OF FINDINGS CONCLUSION ANDRECOMMENDATION Summary of Findings 17 Conclusion 19 Recommendation 19 Appendix A INTRODUCTION SCOPE Focus of the term paper is to describe the several project delivery methods used in the industry and the complications arrived while in construction phase. While not the focus of this document, there is a brief discussion that touches on how contract strategies align with the various delivery methods. OBJECTIVES Purpose of the term paper is to identify the areas those effect the project delivery methods and resulting in dispute generation. In addition to that, term paper will include the recommendations that may use to resolve the disputes, which arises pre construction or during construction phase. METHODOLOGY The research employed combination of almost all of the techniques of data collection. Besides own observations, questionnaires were served, structured and semi-structured interviews were conducted with individuals of related field, who impacted the decision-making process at different levels and to varying degrees. These target individuals included rank and file officials and others, given the relevancy and relativity subject to their availability and access of the researcher. EXPECTED RESULTS By this term paper it will abstract that how a project delivery method can effect the eruption of dispute and then how it will be resolved, so results will comprise of several recommendations to adopt while selecting delivery method for a project to avoid the quantum of disputes that emerge during construction phase. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY / DESIGN NATURE OF RESEARCH Research study is exploratory as well as descriptive in nature and it aims at discovering general nature of problems in construction disputes generation and variables related with it. The study is based on both secondary and primary data, supplemented by information secured through informal interviews, and the talk and walk around target population. Step by step methodological approach is explained as follows- RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research methodology followed in the study is a compound one, comprising historical, descriptive, analytical, empirical, comparative as well as statistical approaches. It encompasses both types of sources of data i.e. secondary as well as primary. Primary Results of the survey conducted in current construction industry of the city to ascertain the ground realities through recording the views of all stakeholders (Clients, Designers and Contractors) who use various delivery method in order to accomplish the projects. Secondary The study includes historical data, describing several terminologies and a brief description of the topic, which are classified as secondary data. RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS The research employed combination of almost all of the techniques of data collection. Besides own observations, questionnaires were served, structured...
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